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Estrogen and Hair Loss

To Bill Roberts et al:

Care to speculate on estrogen’s role in Male Pattern Baldness? I’ve read an article in Men’s Fitness (or another useless rag) where the author actually implicated Estrogen as a more prominent cause of hair loss.

I'm considering Finasteride (1.5 mg per day) to slow (hopefully re-grow as well) my hair loss. I recently read a somewhat eye-opening article on Meso-Rx outlining the function of DHT in the body in much more detail then I've had in the past and I'm trying to piece together the larger picture with regard to my MPB.

If Bill or anyone could address Estrogen's possible involvement in Male Pattern Baldness, I'd appreciate it. If so, I'd like to be properly equipped to address a possible high level of estrogen.

I plan on having blood work done before starting the Finasteride, so I will hopefully have some data on DHT and Estrogen levels, but until then, the help would be appreciated.

I definitely don’t want to go to a G.P. uninformed, god knows they’re not going to help.

I’ve spent some time reading through the archives and similar questions have been asked but not really answered to the extent I was hoping. Anyone with some experience in combining Nolvadex/Arimidex with Propecia versus Propecia alone?

I’ve also read how Estrogen levels can rise due to more Testosterone available to aromitize, so depending on your blood work, would an anit-E be indicated? Would M do the trick instead of a 'script drug. Seems to be the case in some feedback that’s been posted.

I’m somewhat concerned with the Hair loss issue, but more concerned with an optimal hormone profile. I’m Bic’ed bald right now and loving it, but mom doesn’t think her little boy is pretty anymore.

Oh yeah, this post is mine, sorry for the omission in case anyone gives a toss.

It seems this question is destined to go unanswered. I haven’t been able to find much info in the archives, so if I’m missing something, someone give me a heads up. Thanks.

I don’t know a lot about this, but I do remember speaking with someone who was balding, and higher estrogen levels creates balding. That’s all I really know. Good luck with that.

I have not researched this. All I can say
is that both on the Forum and in some
e-mails to me personally, there have
been a number of reports that, according
to impression, Arimidex slowed rate of
hair loss during aromatizing steroid cycles.

However, I am sure that reducing estrogen
is not a sure-fire cure. For example, it’s
possible to suffer hair loss on a Primo/Winstrol cycle, but estrogen levels
are decreased, not increased, on such cycles.
It may be that estrogen can aggravate the adverse effect of androgens on the scalp,
and it may be that some will have no adverse effect from androgens so long as estrogen is not elevated, but it is not true that so long as estrogen levels are kept low, everyone is guaranteed to have no problems with male pattern baldness.

Obviously I wouldn’t expect all MPB behalted by controlling estrogen, but it sounds like it plays a role. Perhaps just another piece to the puzzle.