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Estrogen and Anavare Dosage Timing

allright guys so 2 questions, I’m using susta pharma grade i inject evrery 2 days, got bloodwork done was skyhigh in estrogen so i started at .5mg everyday for almost 2 weeks was a little bit high still so i calculated that .75 armidex everyday should get me to the sweetspot.

now for the other one, I have 50mg anavra tablets and i want to do 50mg aday i read that its not necissary to split the dosage but still has a half life of 9 hrs, and if i should split i should only take it twice a day, how do you recommend to do this? there is no splitting point in the pills so i would go for 100mgs ED rather then splitting the tablets, and also at what times should i take the anavar? thank you in advance


i think you got the estrogen taking care of, dont go above 50 mgs of anavar youll be wasting it. split the dosage so its in your blood at all times . think bout it take a 50 mg tab and its out of your blood in 9 hours. now your body has nothing. my opinion get a pill splitter and take it twice a day. same thing with dbol. id take it with breakfast and an hour before your workout…

Half life is 9 hours that means that in 9 jours he has 25 mg still in his system… “Think about it.”

Regardless he should still split the pill to keep his levels more stable.

i have to look into this, cause if he takes all 50 mgs at once in 9 hrs itll be out of his system all 50 mgs. thats why you split it up cause your body gets rid of no matter what the dose is 9 hours 25 mgs, 50 mgs, either way hes got nothing in him. So split it if you want it in your blood at all times. for instance me i take 50 mgs of dbol ed and i take it once in the morning with breakfast and about an hour or two before the gym, so it has a half life of 12 hrs i think. and honestly i cant tell the difference splitting it or not so yes you are right also

It won’t be all out of his system in 9 hours. That what half life means. The time it takes for the dosage in his system to half it’s self.

That means in 9 hours he will still have 25 mg in his system.

In 18 hours he will still have 12.5 mg in his system.

Use a steroid calc to see the graph for your self.


So upping the dose to 50mg twice a day is a waste? I read 50-80mgs p day is an ideal dose 100 and you really feel it. Am I wrong?

Literally the opposite of what half life is. If you don’t know the answer to something you’re not actually required by any law to opine on the topic. You can just sit it out instead of saying something that is materially false.


Did you have any side effects with “sky high estrogen”, if not then there is no reason to be on AI… The use of an AI with an aromatizable androgen greatly exacerbates the deleterious effect AAS have on cholesterol (and AI alone will also negatively impact cholesterol). You probably were within an appropriate ratio of T→E conversion, to expect normal estrogen when on a cycle dose of test is absurd.

Is this you’re first cycle?

You can cut the pills in half, take half in am half in pm… Or just stick with the test (var will add more potential side effects, primarily lipid strain)

Not my first cycle and even i know this is not true, all testosterone arometizes some of it to estrogen so lets say for example (example made up numbers) for every 500mg t 150 or something converts to estrogen. What many bodybuilders do like wait for symptoms to appear before taking blockers is just stupid, gyno cancer blood clots water retention weight gain (fat and water not muscle) moodswings. This info is not hard to come by… also its not like i have a lab at home my doctor knows im on steroids and we had it checked out. I couldnt sleep for 4 days not matter what pills i took… ESTROGEN. In MASSIVE numbers… and yeah i know about cholestrol but i take 90mg coq-10 ed fish oils and try to keep my diet in check. Cholestrol a little higher than normal but nothing tonbe afraid of but im switching to aromasin after i finish the arimidex


One of hundreds of articles some of them here on t-nation

My levels were 156 pg/ml and after 2 weeks of .5 adex ed it was 82 pg/ml and my sister who did my segind bloodwork told me males normal range is between 20-38 pg/ml which is consistant with what this article here on t nation says

Wow, 156. That’s outrageous. 82 is still really high. Is your arimidex legit? Because the amount you’re taking should be enough to get your numbers in line but for some reason it’s not. That’s unusual and there has to be some cause for it.

No the arimidex is not pharma, but it works, guess its not as potent as they say but i get it cheap, and because i decided to do bloodworks steady throughout the cycle i calculated .75mg adex ed gets me to normal range. My sister works researching blood at the hospital so she can mesure it “behind the table” but after i finish the adex im switching to my other source who has pharmasutical oils and orals, and am switching to aromasin because its better for cholestrol control and also it increases igf1 receptors. Any idea, based on the original estrogen numbers how much and often i should take the aromasin? But since i lowered my estrogen i started loosing weight getting thinner less bloated while gaining a lot of strengh. So i guess i have it “semi” undrer control. The adex is the only thing im on now thats not pharma grade

You know blockers are intended to keep estrogen in normal range right? Your not supposed to get side effects and then try to solve the problem but use estrogen blockers to prevent the problems to surface to begin with

Lesson learned then. Have you ever seen what a gram of arimidex looks like? It’s about the equivalent of three crushed up baby aspirin. That amount makes 1,000 doses of 1mg tablets. There is a 0% chance that any UGL is good enough to make arimidex with anything close to a consistent dose on a per-pill basis. If I had to guess I would say that the stuff you have is severely misdosed/underdosed and that’s the cause of your high e2. Switching to pharma aromasin is a very good idea and I’m glad to hear you’re planning on doing that. Once you make the switch you should take it easy with the dose. You’re going to want to take more because you’ve been fighting this high e2 battle and you’ll have this thing on your mind that tells you to take enough to correct the problem. But you will likely overcorrect (because that’s kind of what we do as humans; we’re constantly trying to fix the last mistake and making new ones in the process). Resist that temptation. Take 6.25mg (1/4 of a pill) e3d. Give it a week and see if you start to feel better. If you need more then you can go 12.5mg e3d. But most guys don’t need to go over 25mg/w (or at least they shouldn’t have to). This assumes you’re taking a reasonable dose of test, btw. I didn’t see anywhere in there where you actually stated your test dose.

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Thats right but pharma grade susta eod and the recipe for susta is 250mg T its organon

So if my math is right then you’re taking 875mg/w. That probably explains why your e2 is so high. That’s a shitload of test. In which case I amend my aromasin dose recommendation. Start at 12.5mg.

7 days in a week 250mg eod = 750mg p week?

You’re not running it for one week though.

Eight weeks = 56 days
Eod = 28 injections
28 x 250mg = 7,000mg
7,000 / 8 weeks = 875mg

It’s a compounding effect over the course of the cycle.

Makes sense havent thought about it this way :slight_smile: but im running it for more then 8 weeks though pct after twelve