Estrogen and Adolescence

Here is my predicament. Ever since I was about 10 I’ve had adolescent gyno. Now I’m 14 and it still hasn’t gone away. Alot of doctors did not care because the gyno just affected my appearence and posed no health problems. When I discovered about a year ago and found out how to increase my T naturally, my gyno got worse and my face started to bloat. I also cannot ejaculate sperm. Now don’t get me wrong, I get hard about every 20 mins., just nothing really comes out. Sometimes, a little bit of clear fluid appears on the surface, but that’s it. This suprises me because I was in full-fledged puberty when I was 10 years old. Is this all because of elevated estrogen levels??? If so, should I explain these symptoms to my doctor and ask him to prescribe me with and anti-estrogen drug?

Dude- you’ve got to get yourself a doctor who cares! You will find somebody if you are persistent enough! You don’t have to live with this - don’t give up and let us know what happens. Good luck!

Well, it’s certainly worth checking whether
your estrogen levels are normal. If they
are actually out of the normal range, then
Arimidex would be an entirely reasonable
prescription and in my personal opinion
advisable. Followup tests would be needed
to titrate (adjust) the dosage to give you
mid-normal E levels, but a reasonable
starting dose would probably be 1/2 tab
every other day.

The issue of not having ejaculate while having,
apparently, good T levels suggests that
the problem is not due to high estrogen.
I don’t know if anyone has ever established
the matter but I tend strongly to think that
FSH strongly affects ejaculatory volume.
Usually LH and FSH are produced hand-in-hand,
so to speak, both in response to one hormone
produced by the hypothalamus, GnRH, but it’s
possible for the ratio to vary. Maybe you
have high LH but low FSH. Or maybe it is
something totally different.

That particular issue would probably require
consultation with a urologist.

It seems possible to me, if low FSH is the
issue, that replacement hormone therapy
with HMG might be appropriate, but I’d doubt
that it would be thought appropriate at your
age and there would no real need to commence
immediately, other than personal preference
to have reasonable ejaculatory volume.

Hope it goes well for you!


I also had gyno bad on my left side with none on my right. I can’t help you with your other stuff but I suggest you get your parents to pay the 3k it will cost to have a plastic surgeon to fix your gyno before it gets real bad. Mine got so bad that it took over two years for the nipple to return to the correct size after the operation.
Best of luck,