Estrodiol Testing Schedule

Six weeks seems to be the accepted time frame for testing for E2 but would five weeks be that far off. I changed or increased my Arimidex dose to 1 mg EOD on Jan 26 after receiving my last test results. I have the time this week to get the blood test but next week will be difficult.

I think I should be going low but then I always do. I thought the same thing before getting the test results back from the last two samples. I went from .5 mg EOD for 6 weeks, gave a sample, thinking I was low and stopped the Arimidex for a week, got my lab results (27.1 pg/mL). Obviously I canâ??t tell what low feels like. I went up to 1mg EOD and it’s now been 5 week.

I’m really not feeling any obvious low e2 symptoms but I figured I should be headed that way. I still seem to be getting ok morning wood and no ED. A little difficult to climax but not really worse than normal. Actually it works out good. I have not begun to feel any joint pain or clicking? I did think last week I was really in the sweet spot since I was experiencing good spontaneous erections just from thinking about sex. That has faded to some degree but that could be from various factors besides dropping E2.

One more factor regarding the blood test timing. I finally got a prescription for donating blood so I thought I would do it today. My PB has been borderline high, 150/80 with a pulse of 80. Sometimes higher. My HGB was 16.8gm/dL (range is 13-17.3) and HCT is 48 (range 38.5-53). If I give blood today Iâ??ll check my PB afterwards. Should I wait for a minimum time or not wait for more than a maximum time before giving the blood sample for HGB & HRT. Also will it affect the, Total T, Free T and E2 levels. Should I wait at least some period of time before giving the sample for these parameters.

Iâ??m sure my doctor does not have enough experience with this to help. Anyone here with some knowledge and experience on this subject would be great.