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Estro Levels Too High?

Stats - 6’4 - 196 Lbs - 13% BF

Second cycle 1ml Test e 1ml Tren e — yes i know my statistics are shit, i was incarcerated 10 weeks into my first cycle lost all my gains due to no pct so go ahead and grill me there. Currently 6 weeks 1 day in on this cycle and ive got size but nothing compared to normal. Getting bloods done this morning, been taking .5 adex for 6 days now as gyno is here and im assuming this all has to do with my estro level being too high ! So how long will it take for e2 to decline ?

Did you order a sensitive assay test? Because tren can show up as e2 on non-sensitive tests.

Gyno could be coming from prolactin. Your test dose is how much?

Booked in for tomorrow to get bloods so im going to continue taking adex while on cycle and wait. Test is 1ml a week ! Appreciate the reply. Just understood what you meant by assay test on the paper this is the order -OESTRADIOL, SERUM TESTOSTERONE

1ml doesn’t tell us how much test you are taking just the volume. Could be estrogen or progesterone induced gyno and it shouldn’t take too long to go away if you’re taking An AI. Hopefully your AI is real.

That is, if it’s estrogen induced.

Apologise 250mg wk & Unsure if this is right mate ?

I’m sorry why do these stats suck?
Got any picts? This gyno could just be water weight from high E2.
I can feel my anastrozole working 4 hours after taking it.
I am on TRt and take anastrozole weekly to keep my E2 in the mid 20’s but when I blast I stop and let my E2 run. I think it helps my joints survive the increased loads at the gym during my blast. I don’t worry about water weight, puffy sensitive nipples, or that my dick stops working. I only take my AI if I can’t hold my sensitivity. Meaning I don’t choke up when I see something sad. I will pop an AI then and see how I feel in the morning. If I am still having sensitivity issues I will take another. Bottomline I’m cycling eating like pig working my ass off at the gym F water weight F touchy nipples. Only if I’m crying do I take my AI and I stop the second my tears dryup.

You are not prepared to run tren. This is ridiculous. You essentially have no idea what your doing. You should already know what @iron_yuppie said you should already be aware of the prolactin issues. Your blasting adex for something that i can almost guarantee isn’t the problem.

I suggest you drop the tren asap. With your stats and knowledge of AAS you just need to bulk or cut and There is much better compounds you could use with way less side effects.

because 6’4, 196 lbs at 13%BF puts his normalised FFMI at round 19.9, which is that of a average dude who goes to gym every once in a while

Compare that to me (a small individual) who is currently trying out a mini cut/carb depletion thing for shits and giggles. in my extremely depleted (of glycogen and water) state, I am 150lbs at around 12%BF (small dude), at my midgety manlety height my normalised ffmi is 22.9, I’m not buff at all and would never be able to justify using tren, if my FFMI is lower than mine he certainly shouldn’t be using tren. Once I carb up and rehydrate I’ll likely instantaneously go up to 160 or so.

No judgement, just it isn’t nessecary.

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Wait, so you’re telling me you got through your first cycle without a pct and recovered reasonably okay? Lmao wow.

What did your first cycle entail and how long was it for?

Guess that’s what you can say bro. Currently undergoing PCT now before my next cycle Which ill be posting on for advice prior to starting. First cycle was 250 mg Test E & 150mg Deca ! This cycle coming will be the same just double the mentioned dosages + Anadrol oral Kickstart, edit cycle was 12 weeks