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Estradiol Tablets to Increase E2

I don’t aromatase well and currently take 75mg E3D test e with a TT of 980 and E2 level of 16.

I am suffering from anxiety and can’t take Cialis for my ED as it lowers my E2 even more

I have tried increasing dosage (made me feel worse and barely increased E2), tried HcG (higher TT but E2 only increased mimimally- felt like shit) and tried various supplements and foods.

I can’t believe that there aren’t more of us who don’t aromatase well- there’s literally zero advice out there about why it happens or what to do about it. What’s even more confusing is that I had great E2 levels for the first months or so!

I have now ordered 2mg Oestradiol Valerate tabs. Does anybody have any experience with using these to raise E2? What dosage? How often? Can’t find anything about them being used or prescribed to boost E2 during TRT.

What is your dosing schedule for the TRT? For me, that seems to play a crucial part in my E2 levels.

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Can you get Sustanon where you are? Lots of blokes have problems with it aromatising too much compared to single ester Test- might be worth a shot? Pun intended!

75mg test e every 3 days. 175mg total pw.

I was thinking maybe having it all in one shot once per week might cause a bigger spike in E2 levels and therefore keep E2 levels raised higher? I know this is not ideal for most people and advised against but I’m actually wanting that spike in E2 due to my unique circumstances I guess.

Thank you. This is just the sort of help I was looking for.
I know it’s prescribe a lot over here in the UK. II will look into it. Do you tend to dose the same as test e (once or twice a week) or have it less often?

Oh right- I’m UK based too.

I do e3d on Sustanon. Its cheap as chips. £4.50 per vial if youve got a script. Any pharmacy can source it easily.

Much more readily available than Test E or Cyp over here.

Its really terrible stuff that most people should avoid as it aromatases so badly. I’m dosing e3d to try and keep the aromstisation to a minimum- that may change to e2d in 8 weeks if my e2 is high.

I’m only on it as I cant afford anything better at the min!

Most people will say steer clear of Sustanon because the blend of esters make it a bit unstable and prone to aromatising… but in your case? Who knows?

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Aromatases badly? This sound promising for me!

Can I ask how much you use? If I use 75mg test e E3D would I use the same dose of Sustanon?

I’d talk to your prescribing physician about that.

I’m new on this journey myself and not in a place to advise. What I use has little bearing on your needs- for reference I’m using 83mg e3d currently but I’ve just changed protocol from 62.5mg e3d (i was splitting a vial 4 ways now I’m splitting it 3). If I was looking for it to aromotase I’d do double but e6d

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I’d try it once a week and see what happens. I went from once per week IM to multiple per week to try and reduce E2 side effects. My E2 came down a lot.

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Thank you.

I self medicate due to lack of funds- hence why I am lacking an expert to deal with issues such as this.

I think I may soon try a clinic however…any recommendations welcome. I’ve heard BalanceMyHormones are good but I’m worried they will require me to drop my test levels low (sub 300) for the initial blood test in order to accept me as a patient.

Thank you.

This is definitely an option that I will explore…it’s nice to have options when I have an issue that is the opposite of what everyone else in the TRT community/literature is concerned about.

This is gonna be trial and error for you. I’d start with half a tablet (if they are scored) maybe twice a week (extended release), wait a few weeks and get labs. You’re gonna have to play with it to find the right dose that works for you

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The half life is only 12-20 hours so I think they may need to be taken daily- with most reccomending twice a day. The charts seem to show a big drop off in E2 levels at the 12 hour mark unfortunately. This defo doesn’t seem like a long term solution.

I was kind of hoping I could just take one every few days…but it appears that if you want longer half life you need to inject and use higher doses than I require.

There’s literally zero info out there other than for males transitioning to females so it’s a a bit of an unknown area in terms of TRT and raising E2 minimally.

Yeah this is not very common in the TRT world. But if they give dosing guidelines for MtF, I’d maybe start with 1/4 what they suggest and go from there.

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Men with an aromatase deficiency who require exogenous estradiol are more common than you’d believe. Dosing will vary from person to person just like your trt. Try that out and see how things go.

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Makes me feel a bit better I guess.

In your experience is this exogenous Estradiol normally delivered via injection or in oral form?

The half lifes of the oral tablets are frustratingly short.

Depends on the doc. Some use injectable and others use oral or cream.

How low of a conversion rate to estradiol would you consider to be too low? If I have 1000 total t let’s say and estradiol <35? Or are you talking about people who can’t get their estradiol out of single digits/teens?

Low for me would be 1000 total and has sub 25 E2 with symptoms of low E2.

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I’ve made a few threads on here around the same topic. Basically I don’t aromatase well. 175mg test e and E2 of mid teens without Cialis and not far from going into single digits with Cilais (which I require). Total t of 950.

I have tried HcG which raised my E2 but gave me insane anxiety. No foods, supplements or beer work.

I now have the 2mg Estradiol Valerate tabs that one or two on here mentioned. I have just started but not noticed a difference yet and haven’t taken bloods.

I was quite alarmed to hear that oral Estradiol produces higher estrone levels than is natural- with estrone considered the ‘bad’ estrogen and thought to possibly lead to cancer etc.

The gels, patches and injections are far too expensive to even consider. I feel like I’m on my last option here and as I can’t afford a specialist I’m going crazy trying to go this alone.

Can anybody please share experiences or knowledge relating to long term use of oral tabs or exogenous E2 during TRT? Anyone know of docs who prescribe oral tabs long-term or do they all use injections/patches etc?

ANY help required. I thought this could be my last option to stay on TRT but now I’m having to contemplate coming off and it’s filling me with misery.