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Estradiol Tablets- Can I Take Long Term?

I’ve made a few threads on here around the same topic. Basically I don’t aromatase well. 175mg test e and E2 of mid teens without Cialis and not far from going into single digits with Cilais (which I require). Total t of 950.

I have tried HcG which raised my E2 but gave me insane anxiety. No foods, supplements or beer work.

I now have the 2mg Estradiol Valerate tabs that one or two on here mentioned. I have just started but not noticed a difference yet and haven’t taken bloods.

I was quite alarmed to hear that oral Estradiol produces higher estrone levels than is natural- with estrone considered the ‘bad’ estrogen and thought to possibly lead to cancer etc.

The gels, patches and injections are far too expensive to even consider. I feel like I’m on my last option here and as I can’t afford a specialist I’m going crazy trying to go this alone.

Can anybody please share experiences or knowledge relating to long term use of oral tabs or exogenous E2 during TRT? Anyone know of docs who prescribe oral tabs long-term or do they all use injections/patches etc?

ANY help required. I thought this could be my last option to stay on TRT but now I’m having to contemplate coming off and it’s filling me with misery.

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