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Estradiol Supplementing

So, not sure if anyone will know, but assuming natural estradiol production is shut down, which Boldenone does entirely for me, what would be the mg dosing for oral estradiol to start with.

Might sound crazy, but boldenone in the presence of estrogen and I feel amazing. Estrogen level drops to nothing without nearly a 1 to 1 ratio of test and boldenone. Side effects from test, ridiculous, side effects from boldenone, for me, none. Higher the dosing, even better. Rather than trying to keep attempting to maintain estrogen with adequate test I’m looking to supplement estradiol and use hcg to maintain a more controlled estrogen amount.

If anyone has some experience or methodology for how to dose oral estradiol I’m curious to hear. What would be useful is roughly what a dose equates to in pg/dl.