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Estradiol Sensitive Results

Hello, I wanted to get some feedback on my recent test for estrogen levels. I had LabCorp run an Estradiol Sensitive test and my results were 9 pg/mL. The test says the reference interval is 3-70 pg/mL. From what I have read, it seems that 9 is very low.
I have been on TRT for only 1 month now. I have not taken any AI or hcG.

Im 6’1, 200lbs, and have low body fat (probably <10%). Im 33 years old. Test level was 218.

I would like opinions on why my E is this low and if it is okay. Also, i would like to know if i should raise my E level, and how to do so.


You got E2=9 before or on TRT? If before E2 will increase and you need to see with next labs.

Did is say 9 or <9. If <9 that is the same as zero and the same as a lab failure.

What TRT protocol?
Sticky: protocol for injections

Need more info as per the advice for new guys sticky. Including waist size.

How have mood and libido changed?


The score of 9ng was after 3 weeks of TRT. It did not say <9, it said 9. The reference scale was 3-70 so I believe that is the true score. My waist size is 34

oh trt protocol has been initial shot of 200mg test on march 1st. then i do 100mg shot each week thereafter.
mood improved, however, i have a bad cold right now, so feeling pretty beat. my libido has increased greatly. morning wood has returned so much that it wakes me up every morning!