Estradiol Relationship to Insulin Resistance - Metformin?

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Nate here again. I have struggled to get dialed in on TRT for about 12 years. I have tried every protocol (never less than 8 weeks) other than Nebido (not interested). Everything from 50mg per week to 200mg per week, creams, gels, test prop/cyp blend and AI’s. ED, EOD, E3D, E4D, E5D, weekly, 2 weeks, 3 weeks. Every time I reach a point where the water retention, actively feeling weaker, loss of libido, and foggier thinking is my reason for D/C’g TRT. The only time I have a period of time feeling great on TRT is after I have abstained from use for a minimum of 3 months (and I mean F%$@ing GREAT - strong, smart, lean, great sleep, great workouts, great libido, etc - then it passes if I continue TRT). When I come off TRT I pass through a short period of time where I feel slightly better, then I start having muscle tears, injuries, losing muscle, weakness, no libido. Last year my Dr wanted me to try an aromatase inhibitor. Long story short it made things worse. I did a 3 week washout and then most recently started daily TC injections for 8 weeks (no ancillaries) at 200mg/wk. Again I never felt any benefit and water retention, slow thinking, weakness, no libido (my usual reasons for quitting TRT) was my reason for D/C’g TRT this go around. My SHBG is never lower than 29. I am currently off TRT for 8 days. This week I convinced my Dr to prescribe Metformin. I have had fasting BG around 100 for decades. Even on Keto, low carb, fasting. I believe we have put to bed that AI’s don’t work and that E2 is not the problem (the Danny Bossa guys) but I’m not sure.
Here is what I’m wondering:
Can insulin resistance get worse on testosterone partly due to E2, causing me to pass through a period of time feeling excellent?
Is there a relationship between insulin resistance and E2 that makes some low T men unable to maintain benefit?
Can E2 increase insulin resistance?
I am a seeker by nature, so I won’t stop trying to feel better.
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Estrogen seems to help combat insulin resistance

Edit: here’s one of the first google results that came up. There’s lot written about this

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It is the opposite. E2 is cardioprotective. Research menopause and diabetes.

Hormones than raise blood sugar:
Cortisol, growth hormone, adrenaline, glucagon.

As far as I know testosterone and estrogens increase insulin sensitivity, hence lower glucose. It’s even written in my testosterone box, that while being treated whit androgens you might need to lower you diabetic medicine it reads.

I believe also when fasting the body naturally releases cortisol adrenaline and glucagon as a way to prevent glucose to drop to low.
The body is pretty wise I ll say

What do your bloodmarkers look like? The symptoms you mention sound like platelets, RBC,Hemoglobin, and HCT increase. I dont donate due to HCT and RBC increase, but if platelets go up along with Hemoglobin, a donation is a must. Do you have labs?

Are you thinking of donating in order to lower platelet levels?

Ive never donated, but Im prepared to if ferretin and platelets go up. Im not in that position

Donation is not an option for reducing platelets. Whole blood donation yields only a small amount of them. Platelet only donation will provide much more, obviously. However, platelets are regenerated very quickly, within two days. You can donate again after two weeks, but you’ll still have elevated platelets most of the time. Whole blood can be only be donated about every two months as it takes significantly longer to replace RBCs.

You’re looking at anti platelet medication if you need to bring down platelet levels.

Thanks for the clarification mate.