Estradiol Ratios and Treatment Option

In general what ratio of T/E is considered optimal?
Is bringing that ratio in line via AI ever an option for low test? In other words prior to starting TRT would trying Arimidex to lower E2 and hopefully increasing T be a viable option? I have seen a couple studies where clomid was used in obese men but is this something most docs would consider as a last ditch effort prior to jumping on TRT?

Any input is appreciated.

It can do this but it just depends on your body chemistry… I take 120mg’s testosterone cypionate every week, and take Anastrolzole .5mg’s every other day… It was at 545 when checked doing just 100mg’s a week of test… My doc is going to recheck in a few weeks, also said Estrogen around 20 is optimal… I have been on AI for around a little over a week starting to lean up more went from 234 to 229 in a week and haven’t changed workout or eating habits either. I workout really hard, so if your not in shape don’t know… I have also got more energy now it seems…

Adex monotherapy rarely seems to work long term…it took my T levels from 350 to about 650, with E2 falling from 50 to around 28…but this was short lived…shortly thereafter, adex no longer was able to do that job and my hormones crashed…this is an n=1 sample size, and I ended up having testicular cancer, but in general your body is dumping T to E for a reason, and adex is really just a bandaid and not a solution of the cause…

btw, treating with Clomid (or any SERM) like you mentioned is not the same thing as treating with an AI, like you also mentioned…you seem to be confused as to the actions of each drug…completely different mechanisms at work…I believe SERM monotherapy can be effective, but apparently there are negative consequences for long term use…

Very similar questions to the ones I posted in the very last post in my thread:

If you are referring to the study of overweight males with hypogonadism that were treated by jus’ reducing estradiol numbers, I believe I read the same one. However, it was not Clomid but Arimidex. Maybe you mixed up the names? Anyway, that was the reason why I decided to try AI-monotherapy for my case as I believe the reason for my low testosterone levels are because I am overweight.

At one point, my testosterone level was 197. I performed another test about 2 weeks ago and I was around 300ish with an Estradiol value at 62 (Range 20-47). I took .5mg’s EOD of Anastrazole and my Estradiol value came back down to 24 and my testosterone rose to 638. I don’t feel any better though. Same symptoms as before and libido still non-existent.

VTBalla, how did you feel when you tried AI-monotherapy? Did your symptoms alleviate at all? You mention that AI-monotherapy’s benefits are short-lived. I have read that there is a slight resistance to AI’s; was this true in your case? “but in general your body is dumping T to E for a reason, and adex is really just a bandaid and not a solution of the cause.” What if the reason for the conversion was simply being overweight. Shouldn’t AI-monotherapy and a weight-loss plan be the preferred treatment for hypogonadism?

VTball - when did you get diagnosed with the Test cancer? Sorry to hear that btw