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Estradiol Question

If a person was on 125mg of cypionate injection once a week for at least 6 months and felt no benefits whatsover, then would that same person experience any real benefit from lowering there estradiol down to 20 - 30pg, assuming that there estradiol was on the high side?


Both high and low estradiol can cause symptoms that could overshadow the benefits of TRT.

When I say real benefit I mean going from no benefit with just the test to feeling a hell of a lot better with an AI. I was on Arimidex half a mg twice a week for 4 weeks and felt no benefit. Now I am on 1mg of Arimidex twice a week for over 2 weeks and still feel nothing. As far as what my estradiol reading is I can only say it is <200 pmol/L because the labs here don’t seem to have one of those sensitive estradiol tests. I hoped I woud see some really big change but I feel the same as before I went on the Arimidex.