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Estradiol Question


I've been using DIM to help with E2 since I can't find a decent Dr. yet, with decent results.
Achy joints have been less achy and feet are no longer swollen.
Yesterday, joints started to ache again but without the swelling feet that I had when E2 was too high.

Is it possible that the DIM works better than I expected and E2 is now to low?
Does anybody have any knowledge/experience with using DIM?
I've been using the "extreme dosing" listed on the bottle, which is 8 caps a day.

I'm going to see my regular Dr. today to see if I can get him to help me find a decent Endo since I'm apparently having thyroid issues as well.


without blood tests there is no way to really know.

I have tried DIM, Chrysin, etc. all had some effect (some positive - some negative), but it was always variable and I could not stabilize until I got on real medication.


Yeah, I kinda knew that answer, just hoping for some insight.

I'm going to ask Doc to test for E2 while I'm there.

If he can't help w/ a decent endo, I'll be sending you a pm for some names, PureChance.


you could always go the research lab route for an AI...I had pretty good success there


Research Lab? Any specifics?


Do a search for research chemical anastrozole on google.