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Estradiol over 2000 pmol/L

I’m searching here about very high estradiol topics in hope I find someone with similar problem as mine is but estradiol level of those guys is nowhere near mine.

I did my blood work before cycle and estradiol was 70 pmol/L = 19 pg/mL.
Range 40 - 161 pmol/L = 10.9 - 43.86 pg/mL.

I’ve lost a libido for a day so I did blood work in 5th week and my estradiol was 2184 pmol/L (=595 pg/mL).
(Prolactin and cortisol in upper normal range, SHBG in middle normal range)

I immediately started taking Anastrozole (=Arimidex) 1mg in morning and 1mg in evening and did blood work next week.
Estradiol dropped to 1413 pmol/L (=385 pg/mL).
I didn’t change anything and I hoped it’s gonna be dropping.

Now (8th week in cycle) my estradiol is 1548 pmol/L (422 pg/mL). Still Anastrozole 1mg in morning and 1mg in evening.

Though estradiol is extremely high, I’m doing good. No bad sites but I think I would be doing better if estradiol was in range. Libido is normal.

Anastrozole only blocks the enzyme responsible for converting T to E2.
Is there a way to directly lower estradiol?

Blood work:

Nothing? Should I try to increase Anastrozole? I think 2mg is high enough, but apparently not doing its job in my case…

For starters, this is T Replacement, a cycle question belongs in Pharma. You could take more of a few things. You could have a bad lab, it happens. What are your sides?

Sorry, I wasn’t sure where to place it. Maybe a mod can move this topic to Pharma?

It is not a bad lab test because I did 3 and in every result my estradiol is sky high.

High pressure
Panic attack when I’m under pressure, I can’t breath, but it’s not too serious.

Other sides could be elevated cortisol (with tren it should be really low but it is higher then when I’m off) and normal libido (should be also high).

Adex will lower pre existing estrogen

How long have you been taking 2mg a day?

My first thought is your adex is fake or very underdosed. 1mg a day is whats used for cancer patients to eliminate estrogen.

What are you ALT and AST numbers. You also need the liver to clear the estrogen from your system. What are you running to elevate your E so high? How much gear?

I was running Adex 1mg every day for a week and when I saw my estradiol is still high, I increased dose to 2mg. And I’m on 2mg for 2 weeks now, estradiol is still high.

I just ran out of Adex. Maybe it was underdosed. I’ll try to see my doctor and show her my blood resolts. Maybe I get a prescription for Adex.

@yubs My ALT and AST were slightly above range even before I started the cycle (even hard training can elevate these numbers so I wouldn’t bother) and my estradiol was in range.
So I don’t think it’s related.

I’m running just Tren Ace 50mg ED
Test Prop 30mg ED
Drostanolone prop (Masteron) 30mg ED (My estradiol was high before I added Masteron)
Pramipexole 0,09mg ED
Proviron (Masterolone) 50mg ED
T3 100 mcg

Was your e2 test specifically the sensitive assay? Because if it wasn’t then your e2 is absolutely not correct.

Probably the culprit right here.

How so? Tren doesn’t aromatize…it does however elevate prolactin.

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By assay sensitive you mean if I measured my E2 before cycle and during, so I can compare it?
As I wrote I did that.

Hey bud I have the same issue, although mine isn’t quite as high 321 pg/ml still super high. it’s been a few months since my last cycle (low test only cycle). I’m seeing an endo about it just had new labs drawn this morning. If I find out anything I’ll keep you posted. Good luck

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I believe it can give false reading on E2 test

Tren shows up as e2 on an non-sensitive test. Ditto Trest and nandrolone.


Ooooooh, thaaank you! Tomorrow I’m calling company and I’m going to ask them about this.

Question guys, (not trying to hijack the thread). As I mentioned my E2 is 321 pg/ml. My doc used aruplabs. It’s their estradiol test by TMS. Is this the sensitive type y’all are taking about?

No way to know. But I’m sure your doctor knew which test to run.

Just reading you took 2mg of arimidex a day has crashed my E2.

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you’ve got to be kidding me…

Taking a 19-nor (known to give off a falsely elevated E2 on non sensitive assays), gets a falsely elevated E2 in the absence of symptoms and takes 2mg anastrozole per day. I can feel osteoarthritis developing in my everything from reading this

Doctor Sir hasn’t been on here in a while, however I think he would find this situation very humorous therefore I will tag him for future reference when he’s back


Edit: This actually might’ve sounded a bit harsh. What you’re doing is causing harm (moreso than already using AAS and TREEEEENNN)

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Yeah, I know I know. I get it now and I’m thankful for your information.

But if I do a calculation, before Adex my E2 was 2100. After Adex it is 1500. Let’s say Adex completely destroyed my E2. 2100-1500=600. It was still out of the range.

Probably it’s pointless to make a decision on this blood results. I need to find a lab that gives me real E2 values.