Estradiol on Clomid

I got my estradiol labs from eod 12.5mg clomiphene.

Component Results
Component Your Value Standard Range
Estradiol 53.2 pg/mL
Males 0.0 - 39.0 pg/mL

Menstruating Females (by day in cycle relative to LH peak)

Follicular phase (-12 to -4) 19.5 - 144.2 pg/mL

Midcycle (-3 to +2) 63.9 - 356.7 pg/mL

Postmenopausal Females 0.0 - 32.2 pg/mL

The doc says this is mildly high but not high enough to warrant an ai or additional meds. What do you guys think?

Your doc is a nitwit! Anything else?

Most men feel their best and have the least symptoms associated with E2 at 22. So…

So I guess the next question is what do I do? I mean I feel like clomid was a good choice. I’m at about 750 testosterone with good free testosterone. I don’t have the labs for a post about them because of some system issue with them but they called and told me what they were until they fix it. I’d hate to go to a new doc just due to my estradiol but I also don’t feel comfortable with levels that high. I know Nolvadex might be better for that case but the liver toxicity scares me.

Nolva won’t be any different than clomid as far as E2 goes. Your body is converting T into E2, anything that raises T will raise E2. You need to be on an AI.

My e2 was at 32 and I wanted to scratch my nipples off. Got on arimidex and I feel great.

The doc says he won’t do anything for the e2 unless it’s over 100…

See my previous post.

LOL, new doctor time.

e2 of 100? By then, I’d probably be full on lactating! Man breastmilk for all!!!

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As cool as milking myself would be I think I’m going to find a new doc. Is it unreasonable to ask to speak with another doctor and see what they think before I change? Dealing with doctors is such a pain in the ass and expensive.

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When your E2 gets to 100 you might be able to get pregnant!

Don’t tell the old doc anything. You may need him.

Find a new doc, it may take some searching, look for someone familiar with low T issues.

Can you also report LH, FSH, FT and TT while on clomid?

E2=53 is totally horrible. A few guys have this kind of reaction. You can try less clomid, but without the other lab numbers we are flying blind. The point of a SERM in this context is to increase LH/FSH and that should be tested.

I’d love to give you that info but 2 weeks later and I’m still waiting on them to post the lab work due to some computer glitch. The only thing that got posted was the e2. I’m on very low dose clomid also 12.5 MG eod. I know my total t was 753 and free t was high normal but that’s all I can get at the moment. I’ll post more info as soon as they stop being a holes.

I just called and found out they didn’t even check my lf and fsh… So frustrated I could literally cry maybe its just the estrogen… My total t was 778 range 348-1197 and free 16.8 range 8.7-25.1.

Those are pretty good numbers and great response to a very low dose of clomid. Just get yourself on some arimidex and you will be good to go.

Yes they are. The current guy isn’t going to prescribe it though so now I had to get a referral to a different doc and wait for an appointment. Looks like a couple months of lady sized estradiol. I think the clomid plus my workouts and diet have done the best for me. I can mostly recover now except for legs which still take a few days.

If it wasn’t for the belly fat and nips being puffier than normal hot flashes and mood swings I probably wouldn’t even mind it that much. The strange thing is my diet and exercise are on point but I’m gaining weight for some reasons maybe the e2.

Get your labs together so the new doc doesn’t just send you out for new labs.

So update time

Went to a new doctor he is also not concerned with the e2 and sent me for new labs anyway. He says he would never prescribe an ai because they are more harm than good. He says the only thing he will do is lower my clomid if my e2 comes back high again… Shit

Well, keep looking for a new doc. I hear it’s available from other sources too…

I just assumed if 2 different doctors said it maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree. He made ai sound super dangerous. Frustrating

There are terrible side effects of arimidex, if you are a woman and you have cancer, and you are taking doses appropriate with cancer treatment. At the dose I’m at 1/10mg per day, I have no sides and only good things to say about it.

Edit: It’s also not fun if you take too much and crash your E2.

Are you in the US? Perhaps there’s a local bias against arimidex for some reason?