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Estradiol Not Down Enough. Increase Arimidex?


I have been taking Arimidex for 2 months now and my estradiol is lower. Still not in the sweet spot regrettably. Presently at 121 pmol/L or 33 ng/dl. Isn't 't optimal like 22 or something???
Should I increase my AI dose? presently @ 1mg/wk....started low in case I was an over responder. I'm thinking an extra .25mg/wk might get me to 22.

*prior to arimidex I was 172 pmol/L Estradiol so feeling noticeably better now.

Will the addition of HCG affect my estradiol levels? Will be starting the HCG next week along with my 125mg Test/week. (all taken mon, wed and fri)


I believe the formula from Ksman is current results/ideal results = dosage amount multiplier

so 33/22 = 1.5 = 150% of current = 1.5mg per week

another possibility to keep in mind is that you could be a fast metabolizer. I have to take Arimidex twice a day (currently .25mg per dose which equals 3.5mg a week) or else I have estrogen swings.

Also the sweet spot is subjective. Do your symptoms indicate excess estrogen?

How do you take the Arimidex now? 1mg once a week or .5 E3D.

Are you on anything else?

What where your Thyroid levels, vitamin D, ferritin, etc.?


Test Cyp @ 125mg/wk taken Mon, Wed and Fri (divided doses)
Arimidex 1mg taken .25mg Mon .25mg Wed .50 Fri (in divided doses)

All my other tests are good and I feel pretty good.........just wondering if I will feel better with E closer to optimal @ 22? And how much extra arimidex to get there.........


Yup, I would try 1.5 mg. Your hcg will probably raise your E2 though since it will increase your natural T, which will partially aromatize into E2.


I would lower your testosterone to 100 mgs a week with bI weekly shots 50 mgs with 250 ius day before keeping adex the same. This would be the most logical choice. Again you are not going to be superman, but just want to live a normal healthy life so levels do not need to be that high since exceess is converting to e2, dht aanyways..


I am happy with where my Test levels are both total and free/bio available, so probably won't be going lower than the 125mg/wk....I've already lowered from 15mg/wk.

My E levels aren't that high that it would warrant it anyway, just trying to get to the sweet spot and I believe than can be accomplished with the additional arimidex @ 1.25 - 1.5mg/wk. My plan is to start with 1.25 and adjust after the next labs.

You said "you are not going to be superman, but just want to live a normal healthy life so levels do not need to be that high"

Wrong, I do want to feel like superman! Well better than an average 44 year old. My Test levels were deemed normal (mid range) and I felt lousy so I want them at the high end to feel GREAT! Personally I would prefer to be @ 150mg/wk but the Doc thought the Test levels were a bit too high. 125mg/wk was the compromise.

250iu/wk of HCG will not do the trick based on my research. Even Crisler recommends minimum 500iu/wk in 2 doses. I am going to try 3x/wk @ 250iu taken same days as my Test and Arimidex for ease of dosing. so.......125mg Test, 1.25mg arimidex and 750iu HCG per week.

Thanks all for the feedback.
PS my TRT is more part of anti aging/feeling better campaign than necessary cuz of low test levels.....going by feel and feeling much better since I started! Getting old sux and I plan on fighting it all the way :o) Bring on the HGH next!


The pattern of anastrozole delivery and lab timing may be affecting lab values.


Please explain "the pattern" of AI delivery part??? Am I doing it wrong?
Lab timing has been on off day (no injection) about 10 am


I you take adex .25, .25, .50 your E2 levels will be changing. The timing of the lab work can pick up a higher or a lower level. This is why I promote T+AI+hCG EOD so things are steady and with steady T levels, the dose of anastrozole can be balanced against the steady T level. This can affect the utility of the lab results. But if you feel great on that routine, from that point of view there is nothing wrong with that.

If you have a weekly wave of changing T or E2 levels, you need to keep doing labs on the same day of the week.


People need to get in theit head more is not better and actually less is better with the whole endocrine system working in hormony. One can lower their testosterone and add in Ipamorlen and be better off then 125 mgs teosterone. The extra testeserone is just making up for once low gh levels. When adding the GH boosters then testoterone can do its better with less effect on e2 and dht. This is a win win situation that will be the future how HRT will end up heading towards. HCG minumum is 250 2 times a week which we have use successfully for many years in treatment.