Estradiol. My Blood Test is Female Specific?

In doing much research, I found out hat he test for Estradiol should be a “sensitive assay” for males. Yet my labs are done (In Canada) for female ranges. I asked the lab why this is and they told me that is the only E test hey can do.

My research suggests that results can vary greatly between female and male specific…so I’m confused. Obviously in the USA you guys can get a test that is specific to males but WTF are we canucks supposed to do? OR, is the lab correct and our Test in Canada for estradiol is accurate for both sexes?

My last labs came back at 121 pmol/l or converted 32.9 pg/ml. I know 22 pg/ml is optimal and as such have increased my arimidex by .25/wk
*now at 1.25mg/wk and 100mg enanthate/wk taken EOD along with 250iu hCG EOD.