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Estradiol Looking Too High

My estradiol while on cycle 5 weeks in is looking high. Would i say i feel bad? its hard to say. I get blood pressure spikes NOW and again and my face seems bloated a little. Its not that BAD at this range but im sure its not optimal. i have 12.5mg of aromsain that i take once a week and im very slow with wanting to take more as i know higher estrogen is better for your heart health than crashed estrogen so im wanting some advice on my current blood work. i understand its normal for estrogen to rise with high doses of test. Im currently on 500 a week x 2 250mg

But is the ratio to TEST conversation good? my pre estradiol was 31 pg which is pretty spot on for being with in range. Heres my current blood work though.

My question is would it be effective to split 12.5mg into 6 and take that daily or every other day and adjust accordingly so i can ensure i dont crash my levels on a quest to get my estrogen lower?

Regardless of estrogen, how high is your BP? Hypertension needs to be managed

Go see a doctor if you have high blood pressure

Your e2 looks fine for the amount of test you’re taking, you can add another 12.5mg dose during the week and see if you feel better, but don’t do it just based on the number.

so it seems its not high for the amount im taking then?

It’s 3x above range and so is your test. Kind of looks great. But numbers don’t mean a thing if you’ve got symptoms that need addressing.