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Estradiol Level While on Androgel 10 Grams Per Day


I just got back my estradiol level from my doc today.

I take Androgel at the maximum clinical dose, 10 grams per day.

As of May 8th, my estradiol value is 15; this is why I see zero need for an AI with this drug.

My total T is 648 and my free T is 150.

But above all, I feel great!

Can someone tell me what's so bad about Androgel, considering my free T is at a high-normal level?


Glad to hear that product/dosage is working for you!

Question: When was your last blood test and what, if any, changes are there in the values that you posted?


I don't remember. But I've NEVER had a problem on Androgel. My levels have always been normal for the past 6 years.

There was only ONE time in which I was negligent by not seeing my doc 9 months (I'm supposed to see him every 6 months); I knew something was "off". My temper was flaring all the time, I had acne all over my lower back, and I seemed to be recovering and performing in the gym a bit too good. So I scheduled an appointment and a blood test showed that my T value was 1,500 ng/dL, abnormally high. So we went down to 7.5 and it my back acne disappeared in DAYS! That was about 4 years ago.

However, over time my levels went back to a sort of low- to mid-normal with 7.5. So now we're back at 10 grams per day and I feel great.


I think my last lab test before this one, I tested in the 700s for T. I don't remember my free T. It's nearly always high normal, and that's what counts.


Are you a rep for this company? You have several posts where you are very defensive about Agel and there are many posts telling you that you are in a very small minority of people who have success with the product.

It seems that Androgel is what most doctors start their patients out with and most have shitty results, so they end up using something else.


I started with test patch. My test prior to starting was 270. I initially felt great but that was short lived. My level a month later was 220 so my endo started me on testim gel.. This is only day 6 so lets see what happens. All of these guys are so reluctant to give injections and it drives me nuts. He wont even give ai's or hcg unless my labs call for it.. I hope to end up on injections and have begun research on obtaining the ai and hcg myself.