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Estradiol Level High

My estradiol level 185 pg/ml
Serum testosterone >1500
Free testosterone > 50
Been on trt for 5 weeks. Great at first now feel anxiety all the time. I think it’s the estrogen levels. Can anyone with experience chime in and help. Getting aromasin thinking it my help
Any advice on dosages.

Your dose is too high. How much are you taking?

200mg/ml every 5th day

Yeah, that’s why your numbers are so high. 200 mg every 7 days would be high. Try cutting that back and see what happens.

Estradiol is high. Cut back to every seven days, see what happens.

I take 200mg per week with total test levels ~880-920, free test ~200-220 and E2 ~50-55.

Do you guys think the aromasin will help lower estradiol and help get rid of crazy anxiety


Thanks. Have you ever had trouble with trt causing anxiety

TT no but E2 too high or too low yes. having your E2 in the wrong place will FYU.
Drop your weekly T dose or start taking an AI. When do you plan to get bloods?

Labs done on 5/21 with following results.
Serum test > 1500 , Free > 50 , e2 185
Should receive AI in a day or so , Aromasin 12mg . Was thinking of taking 12mg ED for a week ,Since my E2 is 185 and then get labs . I have stopped test c for now. I don’t know how fast aromasin will work . Is a week Enough time to wait. Any advice appreciated

No, and I’ve been both high and low, but that does not mean you won’t. Women respond differently to hormonal fluctuations. Men can as well.

You’re way too high all the way around. You don’t have SHGB included in your results, but I’d bet it’s in the middle to lower end. Your dose is supraphysiological (for you). You can’t sustain that for TRT. It’s going to fuck you up long term if that’s where you’re trying to cruise. You’re asking for high hct and heart issues down the road brother.

Post up your full blood panel along with your stats and we can be of more help, but I’d put money on you needing to drop your dose to around 150mg/ week.

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Stopping Test Cyp altogether is actually a terrible idea. You drop the test and add the AI (at what sounds like a high dose) get ready for a ride. Nothing like going from stupid high to stupid low. You are doing exactly the wrong thing. Cut the dose, and then start the AI cautiously.

If I give you my number can we talk I really need help

I’m currently in Nicaragua.

Any recommendations on test c and AI dosages to get out off this stupid ride I’m on

I would drop to 180 mg every 7 days. If you take the aromasin, I would take it every day for 3 or 4 days. depending on how it made me feel. Every other day (EOD) might be better. You will need to watch for an E2 crash. Similar symptoms but no bloat, You’ll pee constantly for a day or two. Then back it off to maybe the second and third day after your shot and see how that goes.

I would cut your T dose to 100mg/wk and do nothing else for 6 weeks. Then do a mini blood test again and see where you are. You know 200 every 5 days is way too much what you don’t know is how low can you go and feel good. Many do very well of 80-120/wk more is not better when on TRT. You want to cycle a couple times a year fine but don’t try to cycle year round it will cook you from the inside out.