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Estradiol Level Check

I had a (non sensitive) estradiol check that came back at 250 pmol/L, which is high but with my current dosage my T level is at 37.3 nmol/L. is that reasonable? Thanks

It’s high. What ranges did they give you? Any health issues? Other labs results?

Do you have baseline levels prior to TRT available?

< 162. I have the obvious hypogonadism (prior to any drug use) and also hypothyroidism (taking synthroid). my estradiol has always been high, 250 is actually lower than usual. I’ve been on TRT for 8 years so I don’t have any baseline handy unfortunately. I had a sensitive test done about 2 years ago with similar E2 levels (though my test was at ~32 - not sure why it’s higher now as I haven’t changed the dose but could be the test timing).

OK, so it is not that high. That would be 68pg/mL. We use Quest and the immunoassay range is <39. Your testosterone is around 1075ng/dL. Plenty run E2 that high with those testosterone levels.


40mg 3x/week had me at 955 TT and 77 E2
70mg 2x/week came back at 1130 TT and 57 E2

I felt zero difference.