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Estradiol Level 90

Hi guys. Been on trt for a few years but am getting really bored of cystic spots. Mainly on my butt but I do get them on my face and shoulders occasionally. Red lump,non poppable. Greasier skin.
Last test result was…
Test 29.9 (850ish)
Estradiol 90
Shbg 23.0
Taking test e 0.35ml twice a week. No AI.
Going to lower my shots to 0.3 and see how it goes. Wood is good and no itchy bitchys.
Any advice would be appreciated from the gurus.

What is E2 lab range and how many mgs of test E is that?

250= 1 ml vial so 87.5 mon/thurs. 175 per week. Not sure of the lab range. I know test is measured in two ways but I thought est is only measured in one.
Could be wrong,as usual.:joy:

Depending on the lab I’ve seen <40, 10-39, or 50-140 for ranges for E2.

Uk doctors but i cant seem to find a conversion chart. Ill give them a call tomorrow and find out there range system. :+1:

Good link above.That’s sorted. 24.9 in out terms. Perfecto!!!
Cheers, NH.:v:

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