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Estradiol Is at 81pmol/L. Is That OK?

I can’t find the conversion to KSman’s: E2=22pg/ml is a good target.

Labs show I’m I’m range according to them. Could someone convert that to pg/ml, please?

Estradiol 81 pmol/L 40-160

Thank you for any help in advance. - Phil

22pg/ml or 80pmol/L is the suggested target.

So 81 is nice.

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Here’s the calculator converter.


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Thank you gentlemen, good stuff!

My estradiol is 40pg/mL
free estradiol is 3%
and free estradiol serum is 1.2pg/mL

is that good? i feel i’d like to lower it? Will my Dr. give me an rX at that rate?

How do you feel? If you have no symptoms then leave it alone.

i feel pretty good actually. My nuts hurt with frequency, that can be distracting, but that’s HCG i think (i’m learning)…so i’m gonna try to get some of that. My understanding is that the nuts aren’t producing a hormone that’s in the HCG / or the HCG. Sound about right?

otherwise, i’m feeling good…outside of the nuts.