Estradiol High, No Period

Hi, Im 33, 5’6" 118 lb, no kids yet exercise 6 day week ( cardio usually 1 hour) I lost my period. It’s been over 50 days, no pregnant. what those test result mean? why my estradiol is so high? what it could possibly be? Im so worried about gain weigh and also being infertile.

ESTRADIOL 649 pg/ml HIGH!!!

range folicular phase 11- 212
mid-cycle 18-480
luthel < or 247

ALBUMIN / GLOBULIN ratio 2.5 H HIGH !!! norma 1.0-2.1
AST 79 H HIGH!!! norma 10-30 U/L
ALT 53 H HIGH !!! norma 6-40 U/L
GLOBULIN 1.8 !!! LOW norma 2.2-3.9
T4 2.3 H norma 0.8-1.8
TSH 0.01
BILIRUBIN 0.5 normal 0.2 - 1.2
CREATININE 0.76 norma 0.58 - 1.06 mg/dl
Glucose 89 normal 65-99
Testosteron total 14 normal 2-45 ng/dl
FSH 6.3 in range
LH 8.0 in range
Prolactin 6.4 normal non pregnant 3-30

what did your doctor say?

You might want to post this in the Pharma forum, there are some knowledgeable guys here who may be able to give you some insights.
And yeah, what did the doc say?

What led you to see your doctor and have this bloodwork done in the first place?

TSH = 0.01 can’t be right.

Your T4 is a bit high, but doesn’t paint the picture. But it does indicate that you need more thyroid testing done. You need Free T4, Total T3, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroid Antibodies (both types, can’t remember the names).

Are you sure you aren’t preganant? Sometimes at-home tests can give false negatives.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Thyroid Antibodies (both types, can’t remember the names).[/quote]

ATA (Antithyroglobulin Antibodies) and TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies)


yes 0.01 TSH is right… i have always had my TSH so low.
my anti TGb are fine

so im confuse than? what is the connection between thyroid Estradiol that i have so high and missed period? how those hormones works?

I wish I knew what the disconnect was, but female hormones are a whole 'nother ballgame…I hope you can get the help you need…

Btw, what are your actual symptoms? Have you gained weight or are you just fearful that you might due to the estrogen?

Are you taking thyroid meds? Your TSH is insanely low (I’d almost say hyperthyroid) but your T4 is sky-high (need FREE T4 and FREE T3 though).

I dunno what’s up with your E2 if you’re really not pregnant… I would take another test.

they found cyst on ovary. Size of medium strawberry. this is what cause my problem. That’s why my estrogen was so high and pain in abdominal . Just by the way I also got my period today, but have to go to the Gyn check the cyst and remove it.

Glad you found out what was wrong. Here’s to quick recovery.

Sounds familiar. My wife (girlfriend at the time) thought she was pregnant when we were freshmen in college. Abdominal pain and no period. Turned out to be a cyst. They decided to leave that one alone for some reason. Thinking that it burst on its own or somehting. That was an intersting doctor visit. I was really sweating it out in the waiting room.

She had laser surgery or some sort of procedure when we couldn’t get her pregant later in life. In and out with zero issues and had our first on the way in a couple of months. Something to remember if you try and get pregnant down the road. I believe some women just keep getting them.

Has doc palpated your thyroid for size, symmetry and size?

What is your history of using sea salt VS iodized salt.

Your exercise may be messing with your hormone levels.

Can you post cholesterol levels?