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Estradiol Help Please

Hey guys, just got my labs back
I was on 100mgs per week (50x2) with hcg 250iu 3x per week. I had bloods done 2.5 weeks in which was too soon
total test 976
estradiol 40.1
This lab was on my trough

Now the next week and a half I started getting high estro symtpoms, I know my estrogen most likely continued to rise as these bloods were only 2.5 weeks in. I was very weepy and sad etc.etc. So I was advised to lower my dose in order to avoid an ai.

So I went to 80 mgs per week
Total test 848
estradiol 45H (7-42.6)
this lab was done a day after test injection, and had taken hcg that morning. I wanted to see if my peak levels were pushing my estrogen above the ranges. They were

I’m so confused. On other forums guys tell me since this isn’t a sensitive assay it isn’t really accurate and that the sensitive test is actually about 10-20 points lower then this test based on other guys posts in comparison. Every one preaches about that 20-30 range.
I took.25m arimidex the day I got the results back for the first time (9/17/13). I felt it right away, got pretty anxious. It seemed to help a bit I got morning wood the following two days then it went away and I started experienced joint pain after about 4 days now.

That would mean my estrogen was too low right… So either the standard labs are really not that accurate, or the only other thing I can think of is that I could be a hyper responder to arimidex?
I just saw a guy with labs like this
estradiol 48H(7-42.6)
estradiol sensitive 21(3-70)

It’s so tough because I have no energy, this is my min concern and this could be from high or low e. All the sudden since starting trt I can literally drink a monster or two sometimes, roll over and go right back to bed.

Before trt I felt like shit but was still able to do 3 hours of boxing a day with another 1-2 hours of weights at the gym. Now I get tired after 30 mins of elliptical.

I’m really confused about what to do and would love some help!

Please read the advice for new guys sticky and the one on estradiol.

You may be an anastrozole over-responder. See the stickies.

Okay got my results

This is on 84mgs per week (42mgs 2x week)
250iu hcg 3 times per week

Total test 816(348-1197)
Free test 19.2(9.3-26.5)
SHBG 33.3(16.5-55.9)
Estradiol sensitive 19(3-70)
DHEA-S 155 (31-701)
Vit D 74(30-100)
Prolactin 12.3(4-15.2)
DHT 56(30-85)
Cortisol 13.1 (2.3-19.4)
Labs taken at. 12:30pm

Well i started with 100mg on july 24th and after a month i thought my estro was high so i lowered my dose. I think the main problem was my estrogen was actually in a great spot maybe even the sweet spot as libido was great but i was going through a breakup of a 2 year relationship so i thought i was sad just because of high estro. Second i only gave it a month and lowered dose to 80 mgs per week and i definitelt think i need to give my body more time to adjust to its new levels of test.

Now I think my estradiol is too low because I don’t feel too hot at this dosage. I definitely felt better at 100mg per week so I think I’m going to go back to that and get full labs in another month and give it more time to see results. Was only on it for a month before I dropped my dosage. I got the standard estradiol test the day before this bloods and it read
45H(7-42.6) now I did take hcg that morning but still weird how unreliable it seems to be. So I took arimidex. 25 after getting the standard estradiol test back. The following two days I woke up with wood but still felt like crap. After 3-4 days my joint have been achy so I definitely won’t touch any ai again as I might not even need it at 100mgs per week. I feel like when I take my hcg though I get a big spike in estrogen as I only get anxiety on days I take it but going from 84 back to 100mgs per week should put me in the sweet spot for estrogen.

going to go back to
50mgs test cyp 2x week
250iu hcg 3x week
Also going to add some micronized pregnenonlone and Dhea to bring up DHEA and estro levels a bit. I’m confused as too why I still feel crummy and I’m hoping that bring estro sens up to around 25 will make me feel better. What do you think? My main symptom has been fatigue but I’m getting tested for sleep apnea as it seems my levels are pretty good. Also erections and libido are very inconsistent as well as anxiety. I read that on trt and having good test levels, we have more estrogen as well and this can cause apnea too worsen so maybe this is my true problem because I wasn’t this tired when I had a 484 test level back in July.

As always all input welcome and thanks

My friend I have been a bodybuilder for over 40yr’s.This estrogen thing never negatively affected any of the competitor’s like Arnold,Lou etc. Unfortunately the internet and moreover people that have never used a hormone in their life,seem to know the exact number.The magic number 30 and under,any higher you turbn into a Transexual.My friend you are probably crying because some Ass hole says you should be at your number 40ty.Please dont be a follower,due your own research.Then you won`t have to listen to Dr.K.S,Man or what ever his name is piece out john

You did not state how much anastrozole that you took!

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky?

Have you tried 100mg T plus 1mg anastrozole per week in divided doses?

You have multiple posts. Your thyroid and iodine status is good?

-22 years old
190lbs 15%~ bodyfat
-barely any facial hair, hairy legs but little hair on arms, and just started getting some hair on chest and abdomen in the 5 months of trt
I tend to carry fat on my butt, hamstrins and lower stomach and triceps
-no health conditions other then low T
-This is on 84mgs per week (42mgs 2x week)
250iu hcg 3 times per week

Total test 816(348-1197)
Free test 19.2(9.3-26.5)
SHBG 33.3(16.5-55.9)
Estradiol sensitive 19(3-70)
DHEA-S 155 (31-701)
Vit D 74(30-100)
Prolactin 12.3(4-15.2)
DHT 56(30-85)
Cortisol 13.1 (2.3-19.4)
Labs taken at. 12:30pm
-describe diet 2300 cals right now as I’m dieting. Organic plant protein supplement, chicken, salmon, eggs, bananas rice-- dairy and gluten free
-2-3 hours of boxing a day
-sometimes testes ache on and off, probably from the hcg
-had morning wood in the beginning of trt, not since though

I did state my arimidex dosage but forgot to put mg but assumed we’d understand sorry. Took a single dose of .25mg arimidex 11 days prior to blood work and another .25mgs after taking this bloodwork, but with an estradiol sensitive at 19, plus the fact that after taking the dose I had all the low estro symtpoms including joint pain, I don’t see the need for one as my estrogen isn’t high. I did wake up with morning wood two days after taking the arimidex but didn’t get good erections the rest of the day. I don’t see how my problems could be associated with high estro as my estradiol sensitive is at 19 without an ai…

Thyroids fine as of may this year.

Do not say “thyroids are fine” we need lab data as most docs miss thyroid problems because the ranges are un-helpful.

Have you read the thyroid basics sticky?

You might be an anastrozole over-responder. See the advice for new guys sticky. Whatever it takes to get good E2 levels.

DHEA is quite low for your age. Possible adrenal connection. Would connect to elevated rT3 if that was the case.

With your diet, concern for low iron and low cholesterol. Cholesterol is the foundation of all of your steroid hormones. Total cholesterol around 180 is ideal.

Suggest 100mg T per week in divided doses with AI as needed.

A few get high T–>E2 in their testes with hCG or a SERM. In those cases, anastrozole does not work very well. Keep those factors in mind.

Blows to the head can damage the pituitary and lead to hormone problems. Boxing has some significant risks that cannot be overcome with skill or training.

tsh 1.530(.45-4.5)
t4,free 1.63(.82-1.77)

cholesterol 119(100-189)
Triglycerides 32 (0-114)
HDL 44 (>39)
VLDL 6(5-40)
LDL 69(0-119)

I think I have what people call adrenal fatigue. My Dhea is low, cortisol seemed okay though, although I might have taken an energy drink before this test, not 100% sure. I’ve been taking it pretty easy the last month or so but it doesn’t seem to help. I’m so tired in the mornings and energy drinks and coffee literally do nothing. I can literally fall right back asleep after a cup of joe. The only time I have energy is when my estrogen gets too low because I start getting bad anxiety which in essence gives me a lot of energy. Then at like 5-6pm I get surges of energy but it’s sort of like an anxiety energy. I’m really at a loss of what to do now and I’m so exhausted my lifes falling apart. What should I do?