Estradiol Help and AI Protocol

Hi everyone, I’m hoping you could help me with dialing in on my E2 lvls. My protocol before the bloods below was 50 Test Cypionate E3D along with .5 Anastrozle following the first shot then .25 Anastrozle following the second.
Total Test 599 (250-1100)
Free Test 120.5 (46.0-224.0)
Bioavailabile 279.1 (110-575.5)
SHBG 20 (10-50)
Estradiol <15 ( < or = 39 pg/ml )

I’m fairly positive my E2 was lower then that as well considering after the blood was drawn I started .5 Anastrozle after both shots because I was convinced my E2 was high. So my main goal is obviously to feel normal but I would also like to stop taking Anastrozle for good if that’s possible. Any recommendations on protocols? As of right now I’ve continued my 50 Test Cyp E3D but have lowered my does of the Anastrozle to .125 after each injection. Also wondering if I should be concerned of my E2 spiking since I’m attempting to wean off the Ai? All feedback is appreciated thanks guys! Also if more labs are needed I can post them if necessary

E2 is crashed. Stop talking any AI. At 100mg a week you should not need estrogen control.


God i remember when I thought like this.

Do yourself a favor and THROW THE AI AWAY.

You are in for a shitstorm if you continue down the road you are taking. Just inject 100mg (50 twice a week) and go from there.

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Thanks for the quick response, So you’re saying even a low dose of .125 would keep it crashed and not raise it slowly?

Yes probably. And you are obviously not having any high E2 sides so get off of that crap. There is no reason for you to be taking it.

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You need to forget about the AI dude. Trust me, your E2 is crushed right now. Seriously, throw it away. You will be tempted to take it again, and its nothing but problems.

take it from a recovering AI user.

There is no probably. With an e2 that low, continued use of ANY type of e2 control will only result in keeping e2 low. Even sporadically. Takes FOREVER for e2 to normalize, im sure you know.

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I was leaving a little wiggle room for “everyone is different” :slight_smile:

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I was on .125mg/ week split e3.5d and my E2 sensitive was 5 pg/mL with a test dosage of 70mg e3.5d. I’m currently on 100mg e3.5d with my latest E2 sensitive being 11.8 pg/mL no AI. Never felt better.

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Appreciate the responses, I will take your advice and continue the 50 E3D with no Ai

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Was this protocol doctor prescribed?

Ha! No he prescribed 200 Test Cyp E2Weeks and recommenced I take 1mg Anastrozle 4xWeekly to “keep my estrogen under control”

holy fuck

My initial reaction as well lol, I forgot to ask but do you have any idea on how long it will take for my E2 to stablaize?

I really dont. 8-24 weeks would be my best guess.

Shit… oh well thanks again for your advice :call_me_hand:t3:

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If you find that estrogen is still too high on twice weekly dosing you an always increase injection frequencies to lower estrogen, I inject 20mg every 2 days for that purpose and estrogen is lower than if I were to inject every 3.5 days.

You could lower estrogen even more if you are committed to injecting very small doses daily. It all depends on how badly you want off the AI.

He is crashed dude.

He’s clueless as to how to optimize you. Listen to this and scrap the AIs

LOL I know, I was just being “extra” because of how strongly I feel about this issue!

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