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Estradiol/E2 Fluctuation

How quickly do levels change from day to day?
Can they go from low to high or vice versa in just days?

Perhaps, but this is out of context to your situation and you have too many threads for an easter egg hunt to find your vitals.

Sorry, previous thread was scrambled with information with thyroid.
E2 goes high without arimidex and too low with any amount I take, even 1/10mg twice a week.
I was wondering if e2 spikes from lets say a HCG injection, how long it takes to return to normal. Normally I will take hcg one day before testosterone injection.
Here are some of my test results. Testosterone dose is 50mg two times per week. Started subq 3/26/15.

4/21/15 12.6 range 7.6-42.6 taking 1/10mg arimidex twice a week with shot and 200iu hcg day before shot.
3/10/15 41.8 range 8-35 no arimidex inj 50mg intramuscular 2x week, took 200iu hcg night before labs.
1/14/15 15.2 range 7.6-42 1/8mg arimidex 2x week
1/14/15 13 Range 3-70 same as above, both test ordered.
12/5/14 20 range 3-70 no arimidex
10/31/14 12.5 range 7.6-42.6 1/8mg arimidex 2x week

Dilute anastrozole to facilitate even smaller doses.

If that does not work, explore small doses of aromasin.