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Estradiol Calculation


I thought I would place these numbers in an attempt to help my fellow TRT guys. One of the problems that I read about and experience, is controlling estradiol. As we all know we must figure and calculate everything and still miss the sweet spot, when trying to raise or lower estradiol.

So here is something I discovered and maybe it will help. I say maybe.... because it is in the realm of fuzzy science, but it may be of some help for some you.

A while back I received my labs and I had an estradiol score of 48 which for me is huge, and needless to say I had nothing going on. My Doc put me on 2mg of Anastrozole for 4 weeks or 8mg for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks and the 8mg of Anastrozole my estradiol was 21, the low end of my personal sweet spot.

So I dropped 27 points on 8mg of Ana, or maybe one could say I dropped 3.4 points per mg of Ana. I know this is far from a scientific calculation but it does give us a rough idea how much Ana to take or at least to get close to your personal spot so you don't miss the window.

Of course you'll still need to feel your way through the lowering process, and get labs done but at least it's something of a measuring stick. So if you were at say 38 and wanted to get to mid 20's you might take .50mg (a half tab) of Ana which would be roughly 1.68th point E3D so after 9 days you might have dropped 5.01 points of estradiol so now your at 33ish so continue.

As I say I realize this is very fuzzy science but I think it will help tell us when were getting close to the sweet spot and maybe get a better idea when to back off so instead of passing through the window maybe it will help us to know when to put the breaks on, because as we all know raising estradiol is no fun either.

So there you have it I hope it helps.

Best of luck!!


This post does not discuss your situation at all. What has been your protocol?

Anastrozole is not an episode, it is a constant dose. Your post is confusing and mostly wrong.

Your post also suggests doses that are harmful and your post has the potential of harming others.

Anastrozole dose needs to match T levels and is mostly proportional to one’s T dose - unknowns.

This is totally bogus:
So I dropped 27 points on 8mg of Ana, or maybe one could say I dropped 3.4 points per mg of Ana.

Read the stickies to understand E2 management.