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Estradiol Blood Test Results, Question.


Before Cycle:

Estradiol, Sensitive - 10 pg/mL - 3-70

4 Weeks in:

Estradiol, Sensitive - 30 pg/mL - 3-70

This is with Test Prop at 100mg ED and Dbol at 45mg/day. Airmidex dosage is .25mg ED.

Even though it is in range, should I up my Adex?


Why wouldn't you?


Because it is in range, and I feel good. 30 pg/mL isn't 'high,' but it is higher than what it is when I'm off cycle. My Test is probably 4 times the amount it is off cycle though, so I only expect for E2 to rise.

In fact, I wouldn't have known where my E2 was without test. I just don't know if 30 pg/mL is an acceptable level while on, or if I should be shooting for somewhere <15.


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I would up it slightly. Some E is always a good thing, if it were me I would be aiming for low 20s high teens. Try some around .35mg ED or so.


.35mg will be hard to dose with .25mg IP tabs.

I'll get a pill splitter and see if I can cut the tabs in half. They are really small.


any reason you went for pills and not the liquid? I've always wondered this, why so many guys have the pills.


Ah, I forgot you have a real source and not a "research chemical." Pill cutters are very cheap and work quite well. That being said, if you have pharmaceutical manufactured aromasin the pill will be impossible to cut.

EDIT: Forgot we were talking about ana; still small but not exemestane small.


A lot of RC sites have been having bad reviews of their dosages and stability.

I found a source with tabs, and they are dosed very small (.25mg) Price was good, so I went with them.