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Estradiol 14.8 pg/ml with Symptoms

Had 2 finger prick tests recently. Testosterone was 450ng and then 405ng and esteogen both times under 15pg/ml. I’m reading that the estrogne is too low but testosterone could be acceptable. Range for estrogen seems to be 20-30 in healthy men with a low cut off at 15. Symptoms are extreme fatigue and difficulty waking up, depression, very hard to gain muscle, low libido.

A few years ago my testosterone was 730ng so I’m not sure why it has reduced so much. This was after about 3 months eating at a surplus with plenty of healthy fats and minimum 3-4 eggs a day along with vitamin d3 every day.

I’m in the uk and tempted to start self medicating with testosterone enanthate which I already have, to see if I can get my estrogen above 20. Does this sound reasonable?

I’m a newbie, so can’t give any advice, but I’m UK too, South England. Welcome mate :slight_smile: