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After adding Anastrozole .5 every other day for 5 weeks it came back at 12 is to low right???? What are some sides of low Estrogen besides bone fracture??


What kind of reference range is given on your blood work? Numbers are pretty useless without a range listed.

joint pains are a common symptom.


That dose is way to high, read the stickies.

Added to what? Are you on TRT? Do you have another thread where this belongs so we know something about you?


I was getting severe elbow pains at .5 EOD, also irritabilty and low libido--similar to my state before TRT, actually. I thought .5 made sense because I was on 200mg of Test per week. I skipped 2 doses to let E2 recover and then went to .25 EOD, and haven't had to alter it since. Amazingly my doc prescribed it at 1mg per day. Glad I had already done some research and knew better!


Heh thanks 120mg's of tesst a week.. Went to doc today he says .5 every 3rd day now all my blood work was great Test was 440 4 days after shot


440 isn't great...how often are you injecting? Twice weekly is really the minimum (with Cypionate or Enanthate) if you want to maintain stable levels. You may also need to up your dose. I personally need 200mg/wk in order to keep myself in the 800 range. 100mg doesn't cut it for me. Your mileage may vary.