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Estimating Rep Max

Does anyone have a good rule of thumb for estimating rep maxes for different exercises? I’m getting ready to start Hybrid Hypertrophy next week and I have no idea what my RM are for close grip bench, skull crushers, or rack pulls. I was hoping that there would be some general rule where you could apply RM from bench press and deadlifts for these lifts. I guess I could always take a day and find out what they are too though.

there are calculators available online that estimate your 1RM based on the weight you do from 2 to 10 reps. i hear they are decent at predicting if you use a low enough RM like 3 to 5. i am assuming you can use them for any excersise but i am not certain of this.

Hmm, I don’t believe there is a clear-cut way to determine it. The only two ways are to just do it or ballpark it using a bunch of people’s numbers, here are mine.
Close-grip 70% of wide-grip flat bench
Skull crushers 45% of "

as for rack pulls, i have no clue

This site estimates 1RM


I love Rep Max Calculators! You can find a 1 Rep Max calculator, and also a Multi Rep Calculator to tell you how much you should be able to do (for reps) based on your 1 Rep Max. Some of the web based calculators will work offline if you save the page.

These have really helped me to stop wasting time trying to find a decent weight for new exercises.

Yes, there are several calculators for finding your 1 rep max but that’s only if you already have some data on that specific exercise. In this case it’s simply guesswork.

There’s a very easy way to find out exactly what YOUR different “maxes” are.

Go to the gym and do it!!