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Estimating Peak Testosterone Level Based on Trough Bloodwork?

Hello All,

I’m on T replacement, and have had my dose gradually adjusted over about 3 years in order to settle on a dose to alleviate symptoms.

It is a higher a dose, about 200mg total per week.

I do 2 shots per week, on Monday and Thursday. I also take .5 ml of liquid anastrazole at the same time as each shot to control E.

I recently got labs done on Thursday a.m. before my shot, and my test levels were:

Total Test- 831 on reference range of 250-1100
Free Test- 341.2 on reference range of 46-224
Estradiol- 25 on reference range of < or = 29
SHBG- 7 on reference range of 10-50 nmol/L

So my question is this:

Is there a way to calculate what my Test levels were at my PEAK on Monday (the beginning of the week)?

I tested on Thursday on my trough.

Thanks for any input!

No there is no way to calculate this only guesses. Just go get a mini blood test on your Peak day. If you are taking T cyp Monday and Thursday have your blood drawn on Wed morning that should be very close to your peak.

Thanks for your input.


I usually go by 200-300 difference TT if I am doing every 3.5 days.

Thanks for the info!