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Estimating My Squat 1RM


I have no squat rack. I've been doing the big three lifts for about nine months now at home. I want to total 1000 pounds just to say I can do it. To do this I would need to squat 350. I am currently doing 3setsx5reps at 260 pounds. Thanks this is my first post.


How are you squatting that without a rack?

Google: 1RM calculator.

Plenty out there, you punch in the weight and reps and it spits a 1rm back at you.


Thanks. I'll give the app another try it didn't work for me before must have been something wrong with my phone but I will google around again. As for how, I take the horizontal bar that holds the bench platform off and raise the the bench arms to the highest setting and I squat under it.


First of all use this:
weight x reps x .0333 + weight

260 x 5 x .0333 + 260 = 303

Of course you said you were doing 3 sets of 5 so maybe 5 isn't max reps for you at 260.

If you're managing to do 260 like that, couldn't you just max out for real and not have to estimate?


Id say your good for 315 kepp working. Once you hit 3x5 with 315 365 should be pretty doable


Cool. Thanks folks. I used the calculator it estimates that once im able to do 310-311 for about ten reps I should be able to rep one at 350. I have standard plates and and my bar weighs 15 pounds. When im able to hit those ten reps I'll pay for a day pass to use a power rack and try to max out. Just for safety purposes.


dude google home made squat racks. you can make one with a couple of 5 gal buckets, some 2x4/6's and some concrete.

THEN you can get a real 1 rm and no worry about "estimating". Estimates are great, but taking your real max is fucking awesome. GET SOME!!


Hell yes I will get some tomorrow! But if it gets quite I'm either dead or trapped under the bar with five gallon buckets toppled over me lol.


Just get some sturdy saw horses, use them as safety catches.


That's keeping it real man,,,when there is no failure option; much like life in general. You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish when you are in a new land and burned the proverbial ships.

bravado aside, accident can and do occur. you'll need to learn to do the back dump with squats. DO NOT try to bail out to the front. The bar will try to take your head off. On that note, make sure nothing you care about is behind you. I saw a guy ditch a squat and the bar crashed into his car, because it was winter and he didn't want to open his garage door to get the car out.


Great advice I'll take it.


Hey thanks im looking into these there are some that are rated for 1000 pounds.


Don't want to hijack the thread, but does anyone else think these calculators are bullshit? My record is 12 reps with 308 lbs, and 1 rep with 440. I don't understand how some people can knock 50lb off their max and get 10-20 reps. End of rant.


Once you get past about 5 reps or so, 1 rm calcs really get hazy in their estimation.


Thats strong. Im assuming your total is well over 1000. I will get there in six months hopefully.