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Estimate BF Percentage

What percentage bodyfat is this dude? 10-12?In interview he said his stats were 180lbs 8% bf but I know thats not 8% for sure.Also what strength levels u have to get to achieve this physique? 2/3/4 plates would be enough?


And bf estimate around 12??

Somewhere between 4-40%.

Give or take.


Thank u Joker

I was thinking somewhere between 6-30%

OP he’s got muscle and he’s lean… Different % look different on different people.

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In the video some of the guys are actually lying about their bf…back to the discussion…actually his 6’ tall and 180lbs 8% according to his trainer but no way thats 8% bf…

You wanting confirmation to make yourself feel better?

I’m sure his trainer has a facebook account. Go tell him that he was wrong on the internet.

You should use these super powers for good man. Your ability to discern who is lying and who is telling the truth from brief video snippits would be a boon for our legal system.


So it’s probably fair to assume you’re asking because you want to have a body like this guy, yes?

Instead of thinking in terms of his stats, think of it more like this: Do you look like him?

If not, then why not? Is he more muscular, leaner, or both? Find the problem then fix the problem. The numbers themselves are meaningless.

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I think I lack muscle mass. Im currently 5’10 205lbs 20% bf.If I go onto cut ill end up very small,thats the problem.Just wanted to know what % bf is he so to have a clue how much lbm should I have

I understand your fear of cutting and being small but you need to be real with yourself. If you’re carrying 20 lbs of fat then lose it. Being bigger with fat is not an achievement.

Other factors to consider when comparing yourself to someone else are height and bone structure.

Hollywood emphasizes what you’re coveting with that look. Build the delts and chest while cutting fat and it gives the appearance of adding lots of muscle for a role. It’s all for visual effect and you can do it too. It might not leave you strong or balanced but it’s an admirable look.

I want to be 5’10 175lbs 10% lets just say if I start cut today do I have enough lbm to be at that weight and bf I know there is water weight… thats what ive been asking for his bf to estimate do ihave enough lbm😁

Assuming you’re correct in your estimate of 20% BF at 205 lbs then you have 164 lbs of fat free mass right now (80% of 205). 175 lbs at 10% BF comes out to 157 lbs of fat free mass.

In theory you can achieve this by losing 30 lbs.

For what it’s worth I’ve always thought I looked better at a lean 225 compared to a slightly fatter version of myself at 240 lbs.

Wow… at 225 lean u must be beast depending od height…Thank u for sharing some good info I will start my cut and see where I will end

I’m a shade under 6’5" so it’s pretty spread out.

What method did you use to come up with that %?

One of those electric hand tools for measuring bf I dont know their name and compared pics with someone who is ~20%


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