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Estes Park, CO - Hotel?

My wife and I will be staying in Estes Park, CO this summer and are trying to decide upon a hotel. Much to our surprise, the internet has not been much help, but we have narrowed our choices down to two or three. Before we decided, however, I wanted to solicit the advice of anyone here who has been to Estes Park and can recommend a hotel. We would probably prefer something unique and cozy, not a link in some large chain, but we are open to any suggestions.

Thank you.

That’s easy: “The Shining”

Pricy, but really nice place.

Coming into Estes Park from east to west on highway 34 you “drop into the park”. At the bottom of the hill on the left side is a place called lake shore lodge. Looks kinda like a huge log cabin. It’s not a chain, usually has great rates (seasonal) and serves a great breakfast as part of the deal. We’ve stayed there twice and really liked it.

There’s also cabin deals around the town. If you go about 2 more miles in direction stated above, also on the left side of the road is a tourist center. They can tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Estes park and they can supply areas maps, hiking trails, horseback riding info. etc. Hope you have a great time.


The Stanley.

Thanks for the help.

Does anyone know anything about the Boulder Brook or 4 Seasons Inn Along Fall River? Those are a couple of the other ones we’er looking at.