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Esters and Estrogen


When using long acting esters like Test E, and EQ, is it necessary to use an Aromatase Inhibitor during the first three weeks? Would it be optimal to use an AI or could I get away without it for the first couple of weeks? Thanks guys.


popular, often said phrases include "suppression only really occurs after 3 weeks" and " your test won't kick in until week 3-4".

well, the test is in your body from day 1 exerting its effects. i prefer to err on the side of caution, and run an AI at a very moderate dose right from day 1. it makes recovery much easier by helping avoid such a huge crash post cycle through elevated estrogen levels......and you get much better quality gains through controlling water retention and bloat.


Thanks for you help juice


Is there anyone else that has anything to say on this topic? Not that Juice's response isn't appreciated, but does anyone have personal experiences with this or other info on this subject?


Got to go with Juice. Always have it on hand during a cycle. I am running a Test E and EQ cycle now, with nolva at 20 MG every day. This is the best cycle I have ever done as far as results are concerned. I don't know if its the quality of the products or what:

Week Test E EQ

1 750 mg 750 mg
2 500 mg 500 mg
3 500 mg 500 mg
4 500 mg 500 mg
5 500 mg 500 mg
6 500 mg 500 mg
7 500 mg 500 mg
8 500 mg 500 mg
9 500 mg 500 mg
10 250 mg 250 mg

13 clomid at 100 mg every day
14 clomid at 50 mg everyday

I have never used provirion but I am very interested in it because of its anti bloat effects, or so I have read. What do you think Juice?

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