Ester Question

the dipropionate ester… how does it relate to the propionate ester? shorter? longer?

just wanna know how often i would need to inject


Dipropionate means there are two propionate esters attached to the anabolic. It effectively has the same half-life as a normal propionate anabolic, except two esters need to be removed in order for it to be effective.

this is what I come up with.
masteron from a certain place had this ester,
am I correct in assuming it is Mast?

it is indeed masteron

[quote]TxCASH wrote:
it is indeed masteron[/quote]

thought so, I didn’t think that company made gear anymore, or maybe they are back or its an older batch I don’t know.
at any rate with that one you will inject ED just like you would test prop

infact a good match up for that would be test prop.

What company? I doubt he means it is from the original branded company, but as with Dianabol, we still call it Dianabol rather than Methandrostenolone - it is just easier.

OP - I would still inject this daily, but if that is an issue EOD it do-able.
Daily is recommended however…