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Ester Length

Can you, mix ester length for test ?
For example Test Enth, takes about 2-3 weeks to kick in, in the waiting time for it to kick in, can you add a shorter ester to speed the cycle until the enth is fully active ?

Once testosterone receptors are activated, it takes a while for the machinery of the cell to change, and a while for bulk cell (tissue) changes to occur. That is part of the delay.

The length of most esters is probably not an issue. For moderate doses, you can front load the first doses with higher amounts. For large doses, more might not do anything as the receptors are probably already saturated.

There is also the effects on the brain/mental(/libido) that take time and training the nerves to fire the muscles more effectively as well.

If you took an equivalent dose in test suspension at the start of a cycle, it would get into circulation very fast. There would still be delays in tissue and training response.

When guys on TRT have a long term estrogen problem, that can be lowered in a week or so with a-dex. Some of the effects on mood and energy can take 2 or 3 months to complete. But libido can be boosted in 7-10 days. This suggests that some things can change fast, but the mind also has an extended time frame for changes when the brain tissue responds to a hormone change.

Thanks for the info, I guess its just a matter of letting it kicked in, I have also read that after day 7 Test levels are above baseline, what mental and physical effect are commonly present at those state ? if the average person is producing around 70-80mg of natural test per week, and you increase that by 3-4X, how does the body start to react physiologically and psychologically, initially.

I understand that after the third week or so, you have an accumulation of test in the body that is high enough to stop natural production, but curios about the process from week 1-3. This is not mostly a cycle question as I am curious to understand how the body initially react to the influx of exongenous test in the system.