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Establishing Lower Back and Pelvis Program. Advice?

I think I have worked out the cause of my lower back pain (I have an episode 2-3 times a year that puts me out for a week or two).

My lower back/pelvis lacks stability and hence my lower back is prone to bending side-ways while performing heavy movements and inflicting injury. I think the origin of the injury is facet related and effects my left side QL. There is no referring pain down the legs, although my back/pelvis “locks” up when the injury occurs.

Im going to implement such movements such as McGill’s big 3 (crunches, side planks and birddogs), suitcase walks, one leg RDLs, one leg squats onto a box, and reverse hypers.

Can someone please advise me how I should put these movements in a program? How often? What rep scheme? Any other movements or mobility work that I should be doing?

nb: Im usually at the gym 3 times a week and usually follow a full body “power-building” way of training, and I train BJJJ about 3 times a week. Im 6’2 with the longest femurs in the world and average ankle mobility due to years of playing football.


Be careful with suitcase walks. I got one of my worst QL injuries from them. There’s a tendancy to use too much weight.
This may not help, but I do the exercises in this video in order as a workout. Jeff didn’t intend the video to be a workout, but it is great.

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