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Establishing a Gear Connect

I am just curious on approaches anyone has used in order to talk w a stranger (be it an actual stranger but it would be someone you see regularly in the gym. So not a perfect stranger) about getting connected with someone to buy from. The last guy I went through I basically had overheard him talking about it and asked about how many mg he was taking. I didn’t need a source at that time but I eventually got stuff through him. He didn’t deal just ordered me some with his. Curious on people’s takes on this. Was recently in a pinch (until my guy finally came through) but I’m quite antisocial and don’t know the vest way to start a conversation. Obviously I’m not going to ask a rando if they’ll sell me some gear lol.

FYI this is not a source board, so please tread carefully.

In no way whatsoever am I looking for a source. I’m simply asking how others have established a relationship with who they buy from. If this topic needs to be deleted feel free as I’m not here to create waves.

I’ve never bought from someone at the gym because it’s not 1983. Your connection is the internet. This is not even up for debate. Your way entails so much more risk than you can calculate.


Yeah, unfortunately law enforcement would call that dealing. Even giving someone gear as a gift would count as dealing.

The internet Seems like finding from China or something like that. As well as ordering from some random lab that posts ads somewhere online. If there are dark web channels I don’t even know how to access the dark web lol. Mod said tread carefully so I will. If dm are available feel free to shoot me a message. I just had the mindset that online would just be scams. Or most would be making trying not worth the effort.

Without violating either the letter or the spirit of the rules here I will tell you the following:

There are reliable forums that explicitly do not support sponsors and exist only for the benefit of the members. Sources are vetted thoroughly. Everything is scrutinized. Lab setup, test results, OPSEC, everything. The forum I use is Meso. If you look you’ll find it. They are there for harm reduction. That’s purposes 1-100. It is taken seriously. Sources get run off if they try anything shady. If a member shills for a source they get shit on by everyone. It isn’t tolerated. You’ll learn more in an hour in the underground there then you’ll learn anywhere else.

T-Nation is a great place to get advice, to plan out your cycle, to get educated, and mid you need to to vent. We don’t do source talk here because that’s not what this community is for.


The only “connections” I’ve made through the gym are people who contacted me about either selling or buying gear. I’ve never dealt with anyone from the gym as that seems sketchy. The only time gear has changed hands is when I gave someone some deca I no longer wanted (didn’t like the sides) and later they gave me some tren they no longer wanted. In this case I knew the guy pretty well and no money exchanged hands.

I worked in gyms for years and never came across anyone asking or selling AAS.

Then I decided to open a small boxing gym on my own. Hired fighters as trainers & that shit got passed around like PEZ. My head coach gave me my first cycle after watching me lift for 3 months without making any progress.