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Essentials of EDT-Focus on Results

I have seen so many recent posts regarding EDT and what is the “right way”,etc. Here is a great new product and I am going to give away 5 sets randomly to you guys(and gals). This is a 2 volume video set Charles Staley has created to put an end to all the confusion. Along with this wealth of information there is going to be a teleconference later in June that will allow you to call in for free and pick Charles’s brain regarding EDT. This also comes with a download “Treasure Trove” loaded with a compilation of articles with everything else you have probably wanted to know about EDT. I am in such a good mood today that I will also include a signed hard copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms” and the bonus" The truth about ABS and why you haven’t seen yours" to one of you five. Actually my mood is so good that I will give the “Treasure Trove” for everyone who emails me at julianne@edtsecrets.com. These packages are selling for $49.97 but the teleconference is worth a whole lot more. Hurry and email me for the next 2 days and I will post the winners on Thursday. Hope you like this!! Thanks-Julianne

ok -alot of you are emailing me. Just so you know I will send you the Treasure Trove on Thursday AFTER I pick my 5 winners. I will take names until 12:00noon PST-Thanks again-Julianne

just in case your going ot pick poeple form here, EDT for me :slight_smile:

I came into my office this morning and am thrilled to see so many of you that are into EDT and WANT this . I will continue to take your emails for this until 12:00noon PST tomorrow and will let you know later in the day who won. Just so you know-no need to suck up to me (lol) that won’t make you win-however I do appreciate the kind words.-Julianne

Someone wrote me today asking the question if this was the new book coming out about EDT but put into video. Just to clear it up-no,the new book which is being published by Rodale is due to hit bookstores this winter. This book will include full body EDT. I am still taking emails though if you want in on the give away-Good Luck-Julianne


This is the last few hours for this give away-if you have not emailed me already and want in you need to do so in the next 4 1/2 hours. Thanks-Julianne

ok boys and girls this is the final hour to get your email to me…-Julianne

Thanks to all who played along-you will be getting an email from me for your free “Treasure Trove” some time later today. Here are the winners of the
Essentials of EDT video packs with conference call and Treasure Trove:
Jonathan Schaffer
Dan Jeske
Tim Barton
My big winner with the pack,call and signed hard copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms” and The ABS bonus goes to: WILL GEER

If you didn’t win but want the video pack along with the conference call email me to let me know-I will get you a discount of $5 off and pay the shipping.-Julianne

There has been an error on the link for the download "Treasure Trove’-if you have had trouble
with your download I will have this fixed within 24 hours and will resend another link to you all who emailed me. Sorry for the confusion-Julianne