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Essential Supplements

Here’s a question for yall - What in your mind do you consider absolute essential supplements in your nutritional regime?

Ill go first

  1. Essential Fatty Acids - High Quality Fish Oils or ideally Krill Oil - After all they are essential and play such a pivotal role in nearly all facets of good health

  2. Milk Thistle (In this case a specific brand called Maximum Milk Thistle) Having optimal liver health is to me a high priority for having a high quality of life (and from recent research also could be a potent cancer fighter)

  3. Superfood Concentrate of some sort - Biotest Superfood, or a rotation of a variety of others I enjoy - The Feast, Jon Barrons Reserve Superfood, etc… a great source of a huge variety of disease fighting phytochemicals you wont find in your 1 a days

  4. Probiotics - A very underrated but vital part of optimal health lies in the gut - Either using a high quality probiotic (OMX-12 is what I will use) or regulary consuming a source of fermented foods rich in em such as kefir or yogurt will also do.

  5. Reservertrol - Google it and youll see what the hypes about.

  6. Seanol - Do a little research on it and I thinkll you come away very impressed.

3)Multi-Vitamin (Poliquin’s Multi-Intense without Iron)

I think those are the 3 essential core supplements that should be taken year round. If you have more to spend then maybe Ultra HCL by Poliquin, Superfood, Metabolic Drive, zinc, Rez-V, and a joint supplement.

whey isolate
fish oil

Can teens take Rez-V or Alpha Male?

There are no ESSENTIAL supplements, but Surge (or a protein powder) and Flameout are great. Probiotics are awesome and cheap too, acidophilus being the best. It will help you digest nutrients, help in digestion and is great for your health (puts an end to acne too)

REZ-V, Superfood, Flameout, Metabolic Drive.


[quote]Dedicated wrote:
Flameout, Superfood, REZ-V, Metabolic Drive.


Fixed. :slight_smile:

[quote]Player wrote:
Can teens take Rez-V or Alpha Male?

Teens can, with not negative side effects known. However, since being a teen means already skyrocketed test, most conclude that this would be a waste of money.

Fish oil

But REZ-V isn’t a test-booster, it is an anti-estrogen. Still a waste of money? Please reply

[quote]Player wrote:
But rez-v isn’t a test-booster, it is an anti-estrogen. Still a waste of money? Please reply [/quote]

REZ-V is a potent antioxidant so it’s far from a waste of money.