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I am lucky to have had an internship with dr Eric Serrano years ago. He is bar none the foremost expert on hormones, health, and Food on the planet. Do yourself a favor and listen to this.


You can find Dr Eric Serrano on the TOT Roundtable on YouTube.

@systemlord yes he’s one of my good friends. This video is of particular interest discussing why using tele medicine and using essentially TRT chop shops is a terrible idea in addition to discussing why even when hormones are “optimized” your diet etc can fuck it up.

Also discusses why morning vlood draws are pointless among many other topics.

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Yes morning blood draws is kind of dumb since we don’t make our own T anymore. I still do it because of the fasting. I am starving in the morning not to mention grumpy as hell without my coffee and I don’t drink it black.

Just heard the entire thing. Thanks for sharing @physioLojik

Quite interesting his take on metformin. It starts at about 50 minutes.

Physio would a person non diabetic that wants to reset their insulin level. And maybe shed some of that stubborn belly visceral fat. Can they do like a 2 month metformin treatment of let’s say 750 mg ER a day and then stop taking it? Is there such a thing? @physioLojik

@NH_Watts can you post that Neil video here too. Nice to make this a video thread of the best vids.

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Boss mode on that video … tell me more about how metformin is bad for guy I don’t get it.

Yup loved how he integrated ones life into the picture and how a physician needs to understand the life factors at play. The guy just thinks logical and I love that.

@enackers metformin isn’t bad. But used long term it can cause issues with mitochondria.

I like to run my patients on 90 days on with low carbs. That typically helps insulin sensitivity immensely.


@enackers yes I’ve known Eric for a very long time. If you guys have the chance to go to one of the seminars he attends it is super worth it.

You need to treat the entire patient. Diet and lifestyle are just as important as drugs.


No insulin issues with me . Against it if so ? My doc is trying to get me on it , but I don’t want to if it’s not proven to be healthy long term. He jsut keeps one on it .

@enackers I like berberine better for you. They both alter the mocrobiome but berberine is safer over the long term.


What happens after 3 months? Is the affect of the met form in/berberine lasting?
You can just use it as reset?
And is there a particular brand of berberine u suggest ?

Ok will look into it