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Essential Fatty Acids

Would I get better benefits from Tribex 500 if “stacked” with Essential Fatty Acids as it is a deficient part of my diet ? Also, will stack it with M, always wanted to try this product.
BTW, anyone could post some feedback on Biotest M ? Thx

I’ve used M and Tribex alone and together. Tribex works if your test is a little low for some reason or if you are a little older. M actually worked much better for me. My t-levels are in the mid-high range for my age (24). So it makes sense that M would have more of an affect since it should allow for more free test and not higher t-production like Tribex. I’ve used Tribex while coming off of a strong prohormone cycle along with M to bring t-production back to normal. For a person around my age this is the ideal way to stack/use them. Now, since you are saying you do not get enough essential fatty acids, taking it with Tribex/M should help you utilize and normalize t-production more quickly. But, just taking the essential fatty acids will help boost t as well as other hormones. Once you have normalized those levels you shouldn’t need to use Tribex or M any longer. Definately continue with the fatty acid supplements though as I don’t see how anyone serious about training could go without them.

I’m not understanding your question. I’ll guess though. You should be eating essential fats with your meals. I treat them like food and not like supplements.

Thanks with the replies!
Any other feedbacks on Biotest M ?