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Essential Exercises and Your Schedule?


What is your list of essential (every week) exercises? And, how do you schedule them?


The only thing I schedule at the moment is lower back crossover from different exercises.


Bench, Dead lift, Squat, Military Press, and all the accessory work in between.


deadlift. every saturday. Squat. Every wednesday


My essentials (which I haven't put enough thought into... thus this thread) are:

Mon: Deadlift, Squat
Tue: Bench Press, Military Press
Thu: Preacher Curl, Bent over Row
Fri: Crunches, Push-ups

I try to do about 4 exercises per workout day, and fill in blanks around these.


Chins, Inverted rows, Dips, Military press, squats, Flyes, DB curls, DB shrugs.

Pretty much the most effective movements for moi :slight_smile:


(Monday)OH press, (Wednesday)Deadlift, (Friday)Bench, (Sunday)Squat.


While years ago I would be chiming in with my favroitest exercises, I've come to realize that no single exercise will yield results foreever, and should never be viewed as such. Sure I have a few that I just love doing and get all fired up thinking what a badass I am when seeing myself in the mirror, but that's really neither here nor there in creating hypertrophy over the longrun.



You try to squat and deadlift on the same day?


Yeah. I heard someone else say that was crazy. I think they might be right. That's a big reason I posted the question... I want to see how others do it so I might adjust my schedule.

So far I'm having good results though. So I think I'll wait until I plateau before switching it up. Plus, I'm only a few weeks away from moving to a cutting phase. So maybe I'll switch either when I'm starting or finishing that.


I just realised this.

I need to focus more on targetting and fatiguing the muscle I'm trying to work rather than just trying to move the bar/dumbbell from A to B.

I've been being stubborn and not switching out exercises because I want to get strong as fuck on them, but I need a bit more muscle to do that, and that isn't building muscle right now.


Let me guess, you cut for the spring and bulk for the winter, year in and year out? What are your stats?

I can't imagine dead lifting after I squat, or squatting after I dead lift. Both of those lifts should be taxing enough that you can't effectively complete the other on the same day, much less with any intensity. I use to dead lift after I squatted, and once I figured out how silly that was, my numbers shot up.


Mon: dumbbell shoulder press, dips, crunches
Wed: dumbbell incline curls, dumbbell calve raises, leg raises
Fri: incline bench press, reverse pull-ups, rack deads, crunches

I'm only doing this for the next 6 weeks, then I change my routine again. I think for your exercises / day, it is fine to do the squat and dead lift on the same day, but adjust it after some time so your body doesn't respond negatively later.


Starting this next week.

mon-bench press/incline db press/weighted dips/crunches
tue-deadlift/bb rows/bb curls or chin ups
thur-squat/weighted calf raises/leg raises
fri-shoulder press/lateral raises


Everyday I start with 10 min bike ride to get my heart rate going, everyday after that i do 100 pushups and 100 situps every day not matter what before i start anything. My biggest thing that I absoluelty make sure i do is Squat.


One thing I do like is doing deadlifts after squats. Normally the deads are in the 10-12 rep range, I do 2 working sets.

Essential exercises though.

Skull crushers - triceps are a weak link
preacher curls - bicep are a weak link for rowing
abs - weak link in dead and squats

if I don't improve on these, setting PRs gets a lot more difficult.


The only kind of deadlifts I do on leg day are usually romanians or stiff-legged to target the posterior chain. I just don't see any benefit in doing regular deadlifts after squats.


this is so silly, have you ever tried?


Same, I did do conventional deadlifts after squats for a month or two when I was coming back after a lay off. Once I got back to lifting heavy though I couldn't manage this.