Essential Biotest Supps


I’m curious about some of the Biotest supplements. After all of the great things I have heard about them, I am going to give them a shot.

I’m wondering which supps are the essential ones to add to my diet for maximum muscle growth and fat loss. Of course Low-Carb Grow!..but what is the difference between Alpha Male, RED KAT, Methoxy-7, and M? Sould I taking one of these testosterone supplements along with the Carbolin 19 even though I have never used steroids so don’t need the “bridge”?

The supplements seem very similar to me so I would like some clarification and advice on which to use.

  • Ethan

Hey Ethan, I guess the main one’s to be looking at would def. be your protein supplement through Grow! but in addition to that Surge is really helpful for the afterworkout drink - it’s assisted me after finishing workouts, especially since now I’m doing the V-Diet for a few weeks. I literally just started HOT-ROX a week ago so I can’t tell you any die hard truth regarding the results, though most people say here they’re quite good. Other than that I stick with omega3 capsules and flax oil. Best of luck


I see that you wrote “gain muscle and lose fat”. EVERYBODY says that damn phrase. What are your short and long-term goals? What type of nutrition program are you using? What type of training regimen are you using?

Once you answer these questions in your head, write them down. Now, look at a calendar and plan things out. If you are going to be doing 2 cycles of “Meltdown Training”, that should be about 8 weeks of hell. I would buy at least 2 bottles of Maximum-Strength HOT-ROX, 2 bottles of Alpha Male, 2-3 tubs of Surge, and at least 4-5 tubs of Low-Carb GROW!

Yes, it might not be cheap, but it is cheaper than using supplements without a plan. I hope this helps. -Starkdog

[quote]starkdog wrote:

Yes, it might not be cheap, but it is cheaper than using supplements without a plan. I hope this helps. -Starkdog [/quote]

Great line, I have to remember that one.

First off, since it sounds like you are slightly new to whole supplementaion/nutrition game, let me give a word of advice.

Supplements are NOT miracle drugs. In the war on fat loss and weight gain, the fork is your main weapon (JB). Figure out you caloric needs and then add to that if you want to gain weight or subtract to lose it. 20% in either direction is the general rule.

Before you start, realize that this is going to take a LONG time. Most of us here started young and figured we would have the Mens Fitnes body in a year, not gonna happen. Drop the notion of “Gaining muscle and losing fat”, after the first few months it aint gonna happen either.

Your goals can and will be reached. Nutrition is going to be the deciding factor in how soon, read up on it. Read as many articles as you can. Read as many different ideas as you can. KEEP A FOOD LOG otherwise you will never know what is working.

Having said that, supplementation can follow a proper diet and exercise program. HOT-ROX and Alpha Male will probably be the two you want to use, albeit at different times. When gaining weight stick with the Alpha Male as it boosts T-Levels (theoretically??) and that will minimize fat gains. Then while dieting (after a substantial mass gain) use HOT-ROX to target in on fat and retain muscle mass.


To answer your question a little more directly… There is an “info” button on all of their products, here is a brief summary of my understanding.

M - Anti estrogen support. Estrogen is a no-no for us guys and this helps lower it.

Alpha Male - Testosterone booster. I believe it even has RED KAT in it now. Not to mention it has a product known to increase sex drive :slight_smile:

HOT-ROX - Tells your body to burn FAT as a fuel source, among other things. They have a great write up of the product, although it is very “hype-y” it is a good read. While not a miracle weight loss pill, I do think it can aid a little bit.

Most users of all the products generally feel very postive towards them. Remember that these supplements might give you that 5% edge ontop of your diet. Plenty of people the world over have great bodies without using anything, but these will definitely help.

If I could only ever buy one Biotest supp it would have to be Surge.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the helpful info. I’m actually not that new to the supplement lifting game. Right now I’m 3 weeks into OVT training following CT’s carb cycling diet. I have been eating clean for almost a year now and know the results from the “fork”. I was just unsure about the uses of the Biotest products. Thanks again for the help… SN: BIGEP32