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Essence of T-Nation

I have read through all of the Writing Contest Winners thread and have found that thread to be the most accurate, motivational, inspiring and realistic thread on the site.

I think that post realistically represents the lives and attitudes of the members that contribute regularly, the members that make only one post, and those that read but never post.

I would like to use my post as the start of a petition to see the thread that includes all of the finalists in the writing costest pinned as the firt thread on this site.

I want to see the finalists in the writing contest the first post on this site. I want it to be a reminder to the regulars, and a warning to the newbies, of what T-Nation is about. I want it to be a reminder to the regulars, and a warning to the newbies of what life is about.

If you were inspired or motivated or re-energised in anyway by the thoughts honestly and openly put on the internet in the Writing Contest Winners thread please reply to this post and request that the writing of our T-Nation faithful be on display for all newcomers and regulars to read.

This internet site has changed the lives of many. Let us make it be known what we stand for and make the essence of T-Nation be known, and request that the writings of the readers stand out on this site.

If you feel the same way I do about this site please reply and ask that the words in the Writing Contest Winners thread be pinned for all to see.

Yea, I think it would be a good idea to show all of the essays in one place, other than in the regular forum.

Maybe it’s own section. That way it can show how dedicated the regulars are to this site, and that can help show how different this site is from all the other bodybuilding, or supplement sites.

I never seen this much comroderie in any other forum or site.

I think it would be good for those who click on this site for the first time to see.

Even for those who have already been turned off by the site. They can see the site through the eyes of those who have been here for a while, and maybe start to understand more about it.

I’ll second that call from Helga.

Inspiration comes in many forms and when it’s placed before us like that,
by those gifted enough to express it,
then we’ve just got to look after it!

Damn, I thought this thread was going to be about a new men’s cologne; perhaps distilled from the sweaty underwear of Prof X or TC’s jockstrap.

It could be a big hit on the pheromone market.

Or it could be used to keep rabbits out of your vegetable garden.

great idea. I would also like to suggest that we not end it with the competition. It would be great to hear from others about what the site continues to mean to them even if the competition is over. The need for motivation and inspiration is on-going.