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Essay Writing Services

Has anyone ever used something like this: http://www.essayedge.com/ ?

i have not, because

  1. i actually don’t mind writing essays, as they are one of the only parts in school where i feel i can express myself as an individual and get creative.

  2. i heard rumor that some teachers actually google phrases from essays they are grading to see if there are exact matches (prewritten essays). i don’t know if this would truly work, but it would suck to fail a class for academic dishonesty. if a site actually wrote one out exclusively for your assignment, that would be different obviously.

if you DO end up using an essay writing service though, update how it goes on here. who knows, there might come a time when i am overwhelmed and need a little help.

I wouldn’t. I used to work for a prof who had his grad assistants check every paper. The profs are wise to these essay services. 10 years ago you would get away with it 99% of the time. Now, not so much plus the penalty might be expulsion.

if you have a class of 30 or less your teacher is going to figure out how you write and if youre handing in different shit each time theyre gonna fail you. sometimes they just get suspicious and use google to see what comes up. yea, professors arent exactly stupid.

I wouldn’t because it’s cheating. Getting a degree by cheating means you won’t be worth it - and it can be taken away and you can even loose you job (when you loose the degree) if you get caught later on.

Also, yes, lecturers do Google stuff - and there are online software resources which compare written work with a vast database of other essays - breaking it down to the percentage that you wrote and what not.

Also, if you commission a piece of coursework - and then can’t defend it in a hearing because you haven’t written it you’re really fucked.

So - don’t. My girlfriend is a lecturer, and she catches dozens of stupid students who do this type of thing each year. If you can’t hack it yourself, don’t go to university.


You are there to learn… a degree in anything wont mean shit if you dont know how to do the work when you leave.

Writing any essay isnt hard… I wrote an 11 page essay in one day… after school…on 4 hours of sleep. The teacher loved it. LOL

I know what you are talking about. I know of turnitin.com for example which is exactly made for this. The service I linked to though is from Peterson’s and they “only” help you to write admission essays and stuff like this. They can supposedly help you write the best essay possible since all the people who work for them are editors themselves. It is fairly pricey as well, but if it helps to get into the school I want, it might be worth it.

The best papers I ever wrote usually involved flurries of creativity way in advance of the deadline, sleeping on the ideas, then revising them. Then revising them. Then revising them.

Start writing now.

They use shit like TurnItIn.com that checks for plagiarism.

Essays are personal. No two people write the same, and you are doing yourself a disservice by having someone else pawn off their work as yours - I would take it as an insult if someone tried to write for me - and establishing a counterfeit “style” of yours for the lecturer.

When is the essay due and what is the topic? Why do you want to outsource this work to a service?

it would be an admission essay and i wanted to use such service since they claim to know what “better” schools are looking for in an essay.

I had to submit all of my essays online to Turnitin.com. The site compares essays and will bust you.

[quote]matrick wrote:
it would be an admission essay and i wanted to use such service since they claim to know what “better” schools are looking for in an essay.[/quote]

Then your best bet is to go to an advisor at your own school who can help you with this. They too will know what ‘better’ schools (grad school? college?) want but can help you write your own essay! (I assume you mean a writing sample rather than a ‘purpose statement’ or such like - if it is the latter, a school advisor is still preferable: they have the edge of knowing you personally and so can guide you to write a more sincere and persuasive letter.)

LOL…did anyone actually bother clicking on the link, or did you just assume it was a database of crappily-written Shakespeare essays for sale? The site offers an essay proofreading/revision service for admission to Med School and so on. You still have to write the bulk of it yourself.

I’m not exactly against such a service if you feel a real need for it, but don’t you feel comfortable writing your own essay? It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the admission officers are looking for. Relate life experience to this; genuinely, of course, for these types have impeccable BS detectors, and you should be fine.

yeah thats what I was saying above. They just “proof read” it. Well I don’t know if I need it but if it would turn my essay from “good” to “excellent” it would help me immensively, don’t you think?