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ESPN College Pick'em

Anybody playing this? The guys I entered with last year don’t want to do it again. Reply here or PM me and we’ll set up a group.

I’d be down.

I’ll play, but I don’t know how

It’s really damn easy to play. You get a list of games each week, and you pick the winner. There are 100 points divided between the two teams so that the underdog has a higher point value and the favorite has a low point value. So if Miami is playing Rutgers, you would get only like 9 points for picking Miami (if they won) compared to the 91 you’d get for picking Rutgers if they won. Then they just total your points for the week and keep track of it over the season.

I’ll set up a group later this afternoon/evening and let you know what the deal is.

Alright, the group name is T-Magnum and the password is “westside”, no quotes.

Let’s have some fun.

I’m in, I took some chances in week 1, we’ll see if they pan out

I’m in.

This is a very good game to take chances in.

Yeah, I think Miami (OH) might pull off an upset in week 1, the MAC is getting notorious for messing with a major college teams bowl plans with a week one upset, I think UCF took out Pitt either last year or the year before, and I’ve seen their QB Roethlisberger a few times, and he’s a weapon.

A bump for all the weekend warriors who may have missed this.